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New research reveals extent of public sector Brexit concerns

Press Release: December 09, 2019

Against the backdrop of a further Brexit extension, and a general election which could have a significant
impact on the form Brexit takes, BiP Solutions are excited to reveal the results of their latest research
survey in association with iGov Survey and Delta eSourcing, ‘Brexit: Challenges and Opportunities for
Public Sector Buyers.’ This research project surveyed procurement leaders from throughout the public
sector – from local and central government and the NHS to higher education and housing associations – for
their predictions, concerns and aspirations around what effects Brexit will have on UK public procurement.
The survey explores areas such as the level of impact that a ‘no-deal Brexit’ might have, compared to an
exit with a negotiated Withdrawal Agreement; the key aspects of procurement on which Brexit may have an
influence, and has already influenced; and the level of preparation procurement leaders have undertaken
for various Brexit scenarios. It is important to note that a ‘no-deal’ Brexit is still possible at the end of
the transition period at the end of 2020, even if a Withdrawal Agreement is ratified. It therefore remains
important to consider the effects of a ‘no-deal’ outcome for the public sector.
Some of the survey’s headline statistics include:
• 58% of respondents feel that a ‘no-deal Brexit’ will have a worse effect on their procurement strategies
than Brexit under the terms of a negotiated Withdrawal Agreement – with over half of this 58%
suggesting the effect will be “significantly worse.” However, 31% of respondents believe that in terms of
procurement, there will be no difference between a Brexit with or without a negotiated deal.
• 45% of organisations say they still have no defined Brexit strategy in terms of supply chain
management, with only 20% of respondents currently having a strategy for a ‘no-deal’ scenario.
• The most significant effect of Brexit for the public sector is believed to be the ability to control costs, with
66% of participants in our survey suggesting there will be either a high or medium impact in this area.
• 61% of respondents are concerned about post-Brexit supply chain disruption affecting the delivery and
quality of services.
• A full 40% of respondents believe that Brexit will have little or no impact on their ability to engage with
suppliers based outside the UK.
The full survey report, containing a complete breakdown of our research findings, is available on BiP
Solutions’ dedicated Brexit resources page. Visit www.bipsolutions.com/brexit to read all the latest updates,
resources and guidance for what Brexit means for procurement. As the situation develops, BiP Solutions
will continue to monitor the latest intelligence to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge and
guidance on the implications of Brexit on procurement, up to and beyond ‘exit day.’
To discuss the findings of this report and what it means for public procurement, please contact
iGov Survey via Sandra.peet@bipsolutions.com or call 0845 094 9567

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