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New radio station launches in Norwich

Press Release: June 12, 2020

Rob Lee founded the station, which is called rfm UK, while being out of work on lockdown as he wanted to keep busy and meet people with similar interests.

The 26-year-old is originally from Essex but moved to Norwich with family 10 years ago and has set up his station from a home studio in the city, with other DJs also broadcasting from their homes in Norwich and across the East Anglia region.

Mr Lee said: "We started it as a hobby, since then I have got people music licenses and a group of very talented volunteer presenters that broadcast from their home studios.

The rfm UK schedule contains local presenters from the East Anglia region such as Layla B (Weekday mornings), Carl Marsh (Weekday drive time), Simon Beckett (Weekday evenings), Wayne Newbon (Also weekday evenings) and Nick Whiley (Late weekday evenings).

Not forgetting the weekend team, Dave Critten (Weekend breakfast), Abs (Weekend mornings), Paul Kazam (Weekend presenter and 80s chart show host Sunday’s). And these of which are just a handful of the presenters on the schedule at rfm UK.

Rob said "So far it has been a great success and already helped many DJs feel good about themselves with mental health wellbeing and the feedback they have given me and it's getting us heard so it's an all round winner."

Rfm UK covers news, travel and weather with a afternoon show that Mr Lee hosts.

R Cast the parenting company owns a further two stations at current totalling to 3 including rfm UK


You can tune in to rfm UK or any of their other brands at rcastradio.co.uk

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Rob Lee

Email: info@rcastradio.co.uk

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