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New platform ponzu puts fun back into fitness

Press Release: October 13, 2020

London, 13th October 2020: One way workouts are taking the fun out of fitness, with four in ten (39%) Brits who’ve taken part in pre-recorded or live online workouts losing motivation and over half (53%) fearing that they’re doing exercises wrong when working out in front of their TV or laptop. That’s according to a survey from new digital interactive fitness & wellbeing platform ponzu, which has launched today to make exercise safe, engaging and accessible for all from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.


The unknown trajectory of Covid-19 means 58% don’t feel safe returning to the gym, while 59% simply don’t want to go back to paying expensive gym memberships when they can exercise elsewhere. But 53% miss the social side of real life group workouts and 47% note that acknowledgement from their favourite instructor makes them more likely to turn up to a class - something that can’t be catered for during pre-recorded or streamed sessions. 


35% say they put less effort into a workout when no one can see them, while 34% admit to bailing before the end - and a significant 17% just didn’t bother to show up and workout at all. 22% have made a call or sent a text and 16% have been on social media, or even gone shopping online whilst doing these types of ‘workouts’. 14% admit to having eaten a meal and 9% have even drunk alcohol while watching a one-way fitness class online. And it’s not just motivation that’s at risk; one in ten (10%) have sustained an injury during a workout streamed via the TV, YouTube or Instagram Live, in the absence of a trained professional observing in real-time. 


Forget faceless fitness - we make it personal


Built for the post-Covid-19 world, ponzu connects people with premium professionals who can guide them through a range of wellness disciplines. With 30 personal trainers and instructors on board already, users can choose to take part in anything from yoga and pilates to HIIT cardio and strength training - providing them with the best possible chance of achieving their fitness goals.​ 


By combining the benefits of real life instruction with the flexibility and accessibility of the online world, it is solving the problems posed by ‘faceless fitness’ - pre-recorded or live-streamed online workouts - empowering people to take control of their fitness and helping to boost physical and mental wellbeing at a time when it’s needed the most.​


Commenting, Anna Forbes, co-founder at ponzu said: “With infections rising at an alarming rate, it’s only natural that many people want to continue exercising at home. But while the pandemic has given credibility to online interactions, ‘faceless fitness’ simply isn’t a sustainable solution. It doesn’t allow for a human interaction or a positive social contract between instructors and participants that’s taken for granted in the offline world - and essential for the development of long-term healthy habits. As inherently social creatures, we crave real connections that simply cannot authentically be created without regular two-way communication - and that’s exactly what our platform exists to allow.” 


ponzu is based on a monthly subscription model, with a range of options to cater for every budget - and users can cancel their subscription at any point. New users can enjoy their first month for free and, if they refer a friend, both the user and friend will receive £10 worth of credits. 


Visit www.ponzu.fit for more information or view our explainer video here


‘I was somewhat sceptical about working with a PT via video but she watches your form carefully, and can tell when you need a break or can take some more. I felt really good after the class for days!’

Nicole, client


‘ponzu enables me to really connect with existing and new clients in a meaningful and results orientated way - both for my clients and for me’

Gemma, Personal Trainer

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