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New piece by Todd Atticus to open exhibition from The Ministry of Progress

Press Release: March 11, 2010

On March 11th, The Ministry of Progress will presenting In House, an exhibition of new works by Ministry artists plus guests.

The show will open for the private view with a performance of 'Things Become Art In A Space Where Powerful Ideas About Art Focus On Them'.

Taking inspiration from religious ceremonies and tradition, artist Todd Atticus will be performing his own ritual which will prepare the domestic environment of the space into one primed for the consumption of artworks. Before visitors will be allowed to enter the exhibition space, a ceremony will be conducted at the front doors where a potion will be created. Once concocted, he will use the potion to douse the space; a humorous alchemy which he intends to spotlight the viewer expectations and understandings of objects found within an accepted art context.

The ingredients of the potion have been chosen for their symbolic value and link to accepted art institutions. Speaking about the piece recently, Atticus revealed the nature of some of the materials he plans to use in his ritual. I have collected various items which physically represent established art conventions. Through using these, I want the space to inherit a validation through material association. These items range from water taken from the taps of the Tate Modern, to dust from the vacuum cleaner of the White Cube gallery.

He is saving his trump card for last however, the crowning jewel of his recent gatherings. Oh yeah, Im going to burn a Damien Hirst! I couldnt seem to justify making such a piece without using somebody elses art, especially that of an established artist. When the opportunity arose to include a genuine Hirst print, I leapt on it! He is more coy about his reasons for burning the print. The burning part? Its simple really: the cauldron I intend to use isnt the biggest vessel going, I figured ashes would be a far simpler way to bubble the work down into the mixture. That, and of course the theatrics that come with destroying something so valued!

In House opens on Thursday at 6pm and will run until 13th March at 83A Parkhurst Road in London.

For further information, contact The Ministry directly at info@theministryofpropgress.co.uk

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