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New one-week Food Tour of Emilia Romagna - Via Emilia: The Italian Food Route 

Press Release: June 07, 2017

Italy is truly a food lover’s paradise and for good reason the favorite destination of many foodies. Visiting Italy allows you to taste a great variety of traditional dishes, right where they were invented. Many travelers chose the big cities and tourist classics like Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence when planning their trip and even though we agree that they are must-sees, real food lovers should absolutely not miss out on a trip through the Emilia Romagna region. It’s often referred to as the “belly of Italy”, due to it’s shape and the great variety of local products like Parma ham and Parmesan cheese and traditional dishes like tagliatelle al ragù (the original version of Spaghetti Bolognese). Thanks to a new food tour in Emilia Romagna, organized by Food Valley Travel it is now possible to join a one week journey through the region, discovering the real taste of Italy.

The Via Emilia is one of the oldest roads in Italy, built by the Romans in 187 B.C.
It goes from Piacenza all the way to the seaside town of Rimini on the Adriatic sea. The tour operator Food Valley Travel calls it the Food Route and that’s exactly what it feels like. You could hop off the car or bus at any time and find yourself in traditional factories, wineries or the best restaurants of the country and savor delicious fresh products.

Taking this tour is a once in a lifetime tour for everyone crazy about food with an itinerary that will make your mouth water:
Starting in the town of Piacenza, the first the focusses on the traditional wines of the region, Gutturnio and Barbera. You will visit a vineyard and find out everything about the two wines that are only made in this territory and of course taste them.
Next stop is Parma, where you will have an unforgettable experience learning how the world-famous Parma ham and Parmesan cheese are made and taste the unique specialty “Culatello.” Of course there is also going to be time to explore the beautiful city center.
After Parma the tour takes you to Modena and its surroundings, the city of the original balsamic vinegar and birthplace of the Ferrari.
The next day awaits you a walking tour of Bologna with the chance to see the sights of the city, with plenty of breaks for tastings of local products like the Mortadella.
After that you will be moving towards the seaside with a stop in Ravenna to visit its many different monuments and to enjoy a fabulous traditional lunch with mixed starters (cold cuts, cheeses and piadina), two first courses (such as cappelletti with meat sauce and strozzapreti with vegetables), dessert, water, coffee and local wine.
The last day you will steps in the footsteps of Dante Alighieri, taste olive oil and the famous cheese Squacquerone di Romagna and finish the trip in Rimini.

Doesn’t that just sound like heaven? If a full week of Italian food adventures and exploring the country off the beaten track check out the website www.foodvalleytravel.com of Food Valley Travel for all information. If that itinerary is a little to long for you, the have also many great day tour options available!

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