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New “must-read” egg freezing book by top fertility doctors and patients

Press Release: October 26, 2019

Doctors and patients join forces to reveal everything women need to know before egg freezing, providing a new resource for women undergoing the world’s fastest growing fertility treatment.

Some of the most respected names in reproductive health have come together with former egg freezing patients to publish an incomparable resource for millions of women around the world looking to preserve their fertility. Meet Everything Egg Freezing: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Doing it Right, (available now on Amazon; $16.99; Paperback; $9.99 Kindle): a one-stop guide for advice, insights and expert recommendations on the egg freezing procedure, plus tips for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to optimize fertility.

Demand for egg freezing, a procedure to preserve a fertility to try to have children at a later time, has increased 240% in the past year. Despite this explosive growth, many women are still unsure where to turn for reliable advice. The procedure has only recently become widespread, after regulatory bodies lifted the "experimental" classification in 2013 and regulators express concerns that glossy marketing campaigns and unverified online sources do not give women the full picture of risks and success rates.

"The fertility sector is considered the "wild west" of medicine," says co-author of the new book Everything Egg Freezing, Catherine Hendy, from London. "As a former patient myself, I didn't know where to turn for trusted information." After she and her co-author, Brittany Hawkins froze their eggs, they collaborated with doctors and other experts in order "to make a convenient guide that keeps women safe, cuts out the risk and leaves them feeling confident in their choices."

Everything Egg Freezing relies on scientific evidence about egg freezing and the building blocks of fertility. Top doctors including Dr Lynn Westphal of Stanford University and Kindbody, and Dr Paul Lin, the incoming President of SART, verified the book and now recommend it to all their egg freezing patients.

"When we were freezing our eggs, nothing like this existed and we really wished it did," says co-author Brittany Hawkins from San Francisco. "It's like having all the experts in one room."

Whether a woman is making the decision to egg freeze, or trying to improve her reproductive health before treatment, she can feel empowered by the advice and tools.

"Everything Egg Freezing is a comprehensive yet approachable tool that will transform the patient experience in a positive way," said Dr. Eleni Greenwood Jaswa of UCSF. "By empowering individuals with knowledge about everything from the underlying biology of ovarian aging and infertility to the possible emotional and psychological ramifications some women may experience during the egg freezing process, this book is the single most consolidated resource I know of to prepare for egg freezing in an informed way."

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