Press Release: March 11, 2021

A new single supplement filled with vitamins, minerals and probiotics to help ease the symptoms of menopause, as well as improve overall health and wellbeing, has gone on sale today. ProMagD can be taken by absolutely anyone – regardless of health conditions, current medication or dietary requirements. 
The multivitamin was developed by Hazel Hayden, a menopause nurse specialist who has worked within women’s health in general practice for over 15 years, specialising in the menopause, before setting up her own private menopause clinic. 
Hazel was often recommending supplements to women in her private clinic to relieve menopausal symptoms - probiotic, magnesium, vitamin D and B12, which were all taken separately. She realised that instead of recommending women buy multiple separate supplements, she could pull them into a single one - hence ProMagD was developed. 
ProMagD can help support women’s health and wellbeing - even if they have had a diagnosis of breast cancer and are unable to take HRT due to the oestrogen content. Women can still get the benefits of a product designed to help ease the emotional and physical symptoms of menopause.  
Hazel Hayden, Creator of ProMagD, says:“I work with women daily that are living with symptoms that affect their everyday life. This led to me researching different supplements and nutrients to discover what could provide additional support to the body, helping it deal with the long-term effects and symptoms that the menopause causes.  
“No matter the stage of menopause, whether just starting, experiencing a perimenopause, in the middle of the menopause, or once a woman has been through it, ProMagD can help ease symptoms. It can also provide the body with the additional nutrients and probiotics needed to promote good overall health and wellbeing.” 
ProMagD includes the highest quality ingredients. The capsule is both organic and vegan, with no added bulking agents, and only the purest, most effective ingredients are used. Each capsule provides the daily recommended amount and won’t interact with other medications such as HRT or other prescribed medicines.Prices from £20 a month and can be ordered online at https://www.menopausesupplementsonline.com/

Notes to editors
Why the four key ingredients are so important:  
Effective in reducing the risk of menopausal weight gain, helping with vaginal health, helping prevent insulin resistance and good for mental health too.  
Can help improve sleep for menopausal women, helps protect the bones and lowers the risk of depression or anxiety. 
Vitamin D 
Helps prevent a number of conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis (the thinning of bones which can lead to frequent breaks), type 2 diabetes, cancer and weight gain – also good for the immune system. 
Vitamin B12 
Can help reduce tiredness, help prevent cognitive decline and assist in the protection of bones. 
For more information on any of the ingredients included in ProMagD, visit https://www.menopausesupplementsonline.com/

Notes to editors

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