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New Mobile-Friendly Websites on Platter After Google’s Mobile Update

Press Release: June 22, 2015

UK’s leading SEO Company Nav D Solutions has announced the addition of Mobile-friendly websites to its array of products. Thanks to Google’s mobile update this April, the SEO industry has turned restless with major players taking a hit on their SEO rankings. Looking at the specific guidelines Google has placed; being merely responsive in design is not going to cut it anymore.

Being one of the leading researchers in SEO, the company plans on introducing many more features to its mobile-friendly website package. Google’s mobile update has added very specific guidelines to be adhered to if you want to rank in Google’s mobile search results. Non-compliant website will see a drop in traffic and users with Google allegedly building an exclusive mobile-only index. Separately hosted mobile versions which used to rank easily till now will now take a backseat as Google gains the ability to crawl single page applications and deep links in apps. Company director Rohit Malik welcomes the update and says that such an update will finally end the reign of corporate bigwigs in the mobile SERPs giving newcomers with better content and value to rank high and see the traffic they deserve.

Other players in the SEO industry have abhorred the update with complaints about higher maintenance charges and complete website overhauls. Some allege that user experience may end up being hampered due to this move. Many companies are planning to leave mobile users out of the equation and focusing on desktop users exclusively.

Google’s mobile update, although the largest update infrastructural till date, does not overhaul the system and through websites under the bus. It has provided webmasters with a mobile testing tool that quantifies if a website is Google mobile compatible or not letting website owners fix their websites before they get drop in rankings.

The update will not affect website rankings on desktop, but people are reporting massive drops in mobile traffic. The update has largely shaken the roots of the SEO industry and has caused panic among most small business owners.

Google’s goal with these updates is a mix of profit and better user experience. The app results will generate more sales, while better mobile experience will maintain their monopoly on the web search niche. Nav D Solutions’ research lab is currently testing various website factors pertaining to this update and we expect to see a white paper sometime at the end of this month.

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