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New micro-volunteering app enables UK schools to utilise professional help in teaching STEM subjects

Press Release: May 19, 2021

13 May 2021, London, UK   To mark the upcoming Volunteers’ Week taking place 1-7 June this year, London-based digital education non-profit 1HOUR is launching a free app that will enable schools in the UK to utilise professional help in teaching extracurricular subjects one hour at a time. A variety of subjects are offered, with a focus on STEM subjects such as coding, robotics, maths and animation.
“School resources have been stretched very thin during Covid and teachers are still under a lot of stress to help students make up lost time.” says Mady Korada, Founder of 1HOUR
“People want to help. By offering remote micro-volunteering opportunities in small chunks of one-hour commitments, we enable schools to utilise help from professionals and corporate volunteers who are keen to share their knowledge but may not have much time to give. In this way school children can be introduced to extremely useful and fun knowledge that may not be sufficiently covered in schools, such as coding, robotics and personal finance.”   
The 1HOUR free app
Available in iOS and Android starting from 1 June, the 1HOUR free app allows listed schools to post available sessions and requirements. Volunteers can sign up and apply with just a few clicks and schools can accept if they find the volunteers suitable. The app also offers a video call function via which lessons can be taught online. 
Lesson plans help minimise teaching preparation
Another unique feature of the 1HOUR app is lesson plans. In line with its goal to make micro-volunteering as easy as possible, 1HOUR offers a vast collection of lesson plans for primary and secondary school children on different subjects from coding, robotics and animation to maths, personal finance and art. 
This compilation of free online educational tools is intended to save volunteers time in preparing each teaching session. Volunteers can adapt or combine them as needed for a one-hour session. Without having to plan a class from scratch, teaching for 1HOUR is easy and requires minimal preparation time.
Early exposure to STEM knowledge crucial to future development
As the world shifts further to a digital age, STEM knowledge becomes increasingly important to the development and career opportunities of the younger generation. Faced with underfunding and shortage of qualified teachers, combined with the financial strain and loss of teaching hours caused by the Covid pandemic, schools with fewer resources often struggle to provide children with such knowledge. 
By leveraging professionals and corporate volunteers from around the world, 1HOUR offers children early exposure to these subjects as well as the professional world, which can have a significant effect on their future academic and career choices and narrow the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers. 
About 1HOUR
A London-based non-profit organisation, 1HOUR was founded in 2019 by Mady Korada, a parent, published author, professional and local community volunteer. After teaching coding to a group of eight-year-old students at his son’s school, he saw the impact an hour’s teaching can have on children. Korada then went on to develop an online portal, 1HOUR, which allows volunteers to teach school children in one-hour online sessions, with a focus on STEM subjects. 
By matching available volunteers with schools in need and coordinating subjects and lesson plans, 1HOUR makes the entire process stress-free for both schools and volunteers. As classes take place online, volunteers can easily contribute their time from anywhere without having to go through the long and complicated vetting process and DBS checks. 1HOUR has enabled schools to bring in coders from Google and private finance tutors from Goldman Sachs. 
Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, more schools have adopted online lessons as a regular teaching activity and remote volunteering has become more important than ever. Over the past two years, 1HOUR has seen more than 500 volunteer applications and offered more than 30 hours of teaching to nearly 900 children from five schools in the UK. 
Free app download: http://1hour.life/get-the-app/

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