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New Look for your Business in 2010 Office Fit Outs by Aztec Interiors

Press Release: February 25, 2010

Sometimes a building that we work on was not originally office space at all, and has had to be refurbished to an original design from the ground up. This was the case with our conversion of a disused lab area in the Wirral, into a sleek and modern European centre of innovation. So successful was this that it became our flagship project for interior design and refurbishment, delivered on time and within budget. We secure our commissions through competitive tender, and our portfolio is extensive and comprehensive.

In addition to refurbishment of buildings into modern office spaces, we also specialise in office fit outs, such as our creation of a new environment for One Vision Housing in Liverpool when they moved to a new HQ. As they were operating within a tight budget, we were under pressure to come up with a design and implementation that did not stretch the purse strings but at the same time would be suitable for a fast-paced, modern organization.

We also had to ensure, as this was a Housing Association, that the atmosphere would be a warm and friendly one rather than too corporate. This was a full fit out, again like all our projects delivered on time and within budget, to the immense satisfaction of the client. The clients senior project manager took the opportunity to congratulate Aztec on our flexibility, quality, and cost control and in particular on the way we worked as a team to meet the tight deadline.

But as well as major fit outs and extensive refurbishments, Aztec also undertakes smaller projects with the same attitude of professionalism and thoroughness, always with the clients requirements paramount. Such was the case with EPLs new head office in Liverpool City Centre, which they asked us to design and fit out. Here, the work included such things as decoration and signage, window blinds and partitioning. This was small beer in comparison with some of our other projects but nonetheless important elements in the creation of a friendly, efficient workspace that takes maximum advantage of existing contours.

Aztecs innovative approach and cutting-edge design make us the natural choice when it comes to transforming your office space in 2010 into a refreshing environment that it is a pleasure to work in (http://www.aztec-interiors.co.uk).

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