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New Kid in the Exhibition Hall: Black Robin Exhibits

Press Release: July 27, 2020

Finally, the UK’s exhibition industry has been given a restart date. And it’s October 1st. We’ve got plenty of time to plan and organise trade shows and events across the country. And the hundreds of thousands of visitors and exhibitors who have missed face to face interaction can get back to generating leads and networking.

Exhibitions have always been a great place for businesses to connect with prospects, keep up with industry innovations and spy on their competitors. Since coronavirus forced us into lockdown in March huge events have had to be cancelled, postponed or moved online.

Many businesses have been left in the dark. Event organisers, suppliers and venues have been scrambling to get some sort of confirmation from the government. The #getbritainmeeting campaign showed just how large the events industry is. When venues lit up their building in red, the public’s eyes were opened.

On the 17th July, Boris Johnson gave the news that 700,000 people employed in the events industry were waiting for. Today we can go back to work with a purpose. The solidarity of the industry has never been more prominent. We all know that from this day forward, the events industry will look different. And in no way, shape, or form are we afraid of that.

In fact, it seems many of the suppliers that we were worried about have won their fight. Some even seem to have come out stronger. And some have crept in, while everyone was panicking, to offer customers an exhibiting solution that caters to what they need now.

Black Robin Exhibits promise a new, revolutionary way of sourcing exhibition stands. Their display solutions are available in over 1000 designs, quick and safe to build, and they are modular and reusable. What’s more is they offer exhibitors a cost effective solution.

Say goodbye to the thirty thousand pound custom-built stands. Black Robin Exhibits offer instant prices on 1000’s of designs, including pull-up and pop-up banners, fabric exhibition stands, and custom modular solutions.

That’s right. Instant prices means that you don’t have to sit around, waiting for quotes from a bunch of suppliers. It also means you can stop worrying about planning your exhibition and start thinking about what really matters – repositioning your business objectives and implementing a crisis management strategy.

Of course, it’s not all good news. The events industry has been given the green light to go ahead. Events that people look forward to every year, such as the World Travel Market, will be able to run.

But the biggest exhibition and conference centres are still set up as NHS Nightingale Hospitals. Johnson has just put another £3,000,000,000 worth of funding into the NHS to allow these venues to stay open until March 2021. So although we have a date, we’re not entirely sure what will happen with the largest exhibitions and trade shows.

Fortunately, ExCel London has been given the green light to reopen on October 1st. Although not the largest, ExCel London is one of the busiest exhibition centres in the UK. Its central location makes it the ideal venue for domestic and international business professionals. By allowing this venue to open, the government are giving hundreds of businesses the opportunity to showcase their product again.

It may be a good thing. With travel restrictions in place, events are likely to be much smaller. Some organisers are choosing to continue down a virtual path, offering hybrid events. This means people can go to a physical event, or they can join in online. The keynote speakers will be streamed and the exhibitors will have individual landing pages. Having a venue like ExCel ready to open alongside our industry gives suppliers like Black Robin Exhibits a better chance. But at the end of the day, the show will go on.

Perhaps this is the future of exhibitions and live events? It’s impossible to say, so, for now, we will wait until October.

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