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New Indexing Service for Academic Publishers Launching at Frankfurt Book Fair

Press Release: October 14, 2015

Berlin, Boston, Budapest, October 13, 2015. ScienceOpen has released its open citation index with more than 10 million scientific articles and records. Publishers can join in by indexing their journal content across all research disciplines (now including the humanities and social sciences) and license types on ScienceOpen for enhanced visibility within a wider academic context. This unique service is open for all researchers worldwide and will be launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week.

Since its launch in 2014, ScienceOpen has exponentially grown its database to allow researchers to more easily navigate, search and comment on scientific articles. A search on ScienceOpen does not just pull up a list of article records, but rather a network of information. Topics and articles can be explored via authors, references, keywords, altmetrics, comments and more. Results can be narrowed and sorted and the search parameters saved. Content – popping up in the context of such search & navigation – is pulled center stage independent of publisher and journal.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen says: β€œAll these features provide a superior search experience for researchers and advantages for publishers in having their content and brand promoted. With this new offering, we are expanding Open Access to indexing information at the point of (re)search.”

The ScienceOpen network is freely accessible for researchers to join, search, discover and share. This new feature will be introduced at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, the world largest event for academic publishers worldwide.

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About ScienceOpen: ScienceOpen was founded in 2013 in Berlin and Boston by Alexander Grossmann and Tibor Tscheke.
See site for further information: www.scienceopen,com
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Twitter: @Science_Open

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