Press Release: September 06, 2017

London-based production company Old Lamp Entertainment Limited is pleased to announce that its debut production is set to premiere at The Vaults in January 2018 for a limited run.

Stepping onto the streets of Victorian London, the company will present an adaptation of visionary author H. G. Wells’ short story ‘The Crystal Egg’. Considered by many to be a prequel to the hugely popular ‘The War of the Worlds’, the story is centered on an old curiosity shop in the slums of London's Seven Dials, which is run by an eccentric old man and his family. They discover that a small crystal egg in their possession serves as a window onto another planet, and is being used in surveillance of Earth.

The show will fuse multiple art forms of light, sound, performance, and video in a multimedia extravaganza, to absorb audience members into an immersive journey/experience, through the sights and sounds of the narrative and bring them face to face with creatures of another world.

Old Lamp Entertainment producer, Mike Archer says of the project:

“I’m a huge fan of H. G. Wells’ writing. Ever since watching the 1950's 'The War of the Worlds' whilst growing up, the story had a profound effect on me. Wells is skilled at stimulating the imagination; one of the great writers of the early 20th Century. For me, working to create a show inspired by his literary heritage is a dream come true. With 'The Crystal Egg Live' we want to open out the story to a whole new generation of people and invite them to the creation of an invasion story for the now. The works of Wells are as relevant as they ever were. In bringing the story to life, we seek to examine themes of surveillance, greed and other facets of the human condition such as mental health.”

Co- producer Luisa Guerreiro also adds:

“We want to push the boundaries of what is possible, and deliver a show that gives an audience a cinematic edge to a theatrical experience. We want our audience to explore the curiosity but also sense the fear that comes from the anxiety of not quite knowing who is watching us or from where.”

The project has already gained a huge following of support, having recently completed a successful funding campaign, in partnership with entertainment supporter 'Phundee' as well as gaining endorsement from Shepperton Studios-based motion capture studio ‘Centroid 3D’.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2011, Old Lamp has continued to grow, developing projects for its two comprising entities that make up the production company; Old Lamp Films and Old Lamp Entertainment. The company's first film 'The Journey of Alfred Small' debuted online in 2015 to critical and audience acclamation after receiving award nominations for 'Best Ensemble Cast' at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

The Crystal Egg Live will run at The Vaults Tunnels from the 6th January until 13th January 2018 with performance times scheduled at 4 pm (16:00) and 7:30 pm (19.30).

ADVANCED BOOKING is now open. However, tickets for this production are limited. Anyone interested in 'The Crystal Egg Live' should check out Old Lamp Entertainment's website for booking and ticket information.

Show Website: http://www.oldlamp.biz/crystal-egg-book-page

Online Box Office: https://www.thevaults.london/the-crystal-egg

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