Home New Headline: Orange offers new Mobile and Web Tariffs from 1st April

New Headline: Orange offers new Mobile and Web Tariffs from 1st April

Press Release: April 06, 2010

From 1st April onwards, Orange subscribers will be able to enjoy the benefits of new tariffs which also include free internet access. First in the list is the 24 month £30 Panther tariff which consists of unlimited texts, unlimited email, 400 minutes a month and of course, unlimited internet access at 750MB fair use cap.

One can avail Orange phone deals or any other mobile deals either by opting online methodology or by opting offline shopping methodology which is none other than visiting market shops. The former offers much convenient and hassle-free shopping experience and hence the number of online shoppers is proliferating day-by-day. You are just one step away of availing these wonderful features.

The usage of mobile phones has increased a lot since past few years. With competition getting tougher on each passing day and therefore mobile brands are coming up with more attractive deals and offers in the market.

If you are still not satisfied with the plan then you can also go for the 24-month Dolphin £20 a month tariff which offers 500MB mobile internet access, unlimited texts, 100 minutes and unlimited email. However, internet browsing is not free. It will cost you up to £1.50 a day.

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