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New generation of bags stimulates local economy in a sustainable way.

Press Release: September 15, 2015

The Dutch entrepreneur John Mocnik brings a bag on the market, which is made exclusively by craftspeople in little and local workshops. The Mocnikova bag is made in a artisanal way and the production process is executed in an ecofriendly way. The handmade leather bags are available at www.ziVaci.eu since July 2015.

Mocnikova is a new and unique bag brand, which is aimed at the modern and confident woman. The bags are made out of high-quality materials and only some of the copies are made according to the design.

No accident
Italy has got a long tradition in the processing and manufacturing of leather and is known for beautiful bags out of superb quality. The Schiedam entrepreneur John Mocnik travels a lot to Italy and occupationally visits diverse shops to make purchases. "The disappointment was big, though, when it seemed that most of the shops concentrated on mass production. By accident, I came to an artisanal shop, where the owner produces the bags on his own. This experience inspirated me to find more of these artisanal shops. The foundation of Mocnikova was fact.", says John Mocnik.

The Mocnikova workshops
With a lot of passion and precision, the fashionable bags are made by craftspeople in little workshops in and around the Italian city Florence. The use of high-quality materials is standard and the bags are manufactured out of plantal tanned, very soft calf leather. Also the production processes, like the adherence, are executed in an ecofriendly way, so that the appreciation of the old craftsmanship and the environment go hand in hand.

Where available?
The Mocnikova bags are available in the online shop www.ziVaci.eu. Only some exemplars of the same bag are available. For more information: www.mocnikova.com.

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