Home New, Free App Called Lockdown Boss Keeps You Updated On The Latest Guidelines As The UK Eases Out Of Covid-19 Lockdown.

New, Free App Called Lockdown Boss Keeps You Updated On The Latest Guidelines As The UK Eases Out Of Covid-19 Lockdown.

Press Release: June 08, 2020

A team of 4 tech entrepreneurs from South Africa launch a free app to help people know what they can and cannot do throughout the UK as the lockdown restrictions begin to ease.


London, UK. Monday 8th June 2020: Lockdown Boss (www.lockdownboss.app) is a first-of-its-kind app that aims to keep its users updated on the complex COVID-19 guidelines as the UK eases out of the Lockdown. The app allows the British public to select their country via avatars for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, thus giving them information specific to their location. It then displays everyday activities in traffic light bubbles that quickly show what is permitted (green), has some restrictions (amber) or not permitted (red).


The team launched a similar app, Lockdown Bozza, in South Africa as their president moved the country out of lockdown. This version currently has over 1.3 million users. The feedback that they received helped them to produce an app specific for the UK. 


Rahul Patel, co-creator of ‘Lockdown Boss UK’ said “Having launched a similar app in South Africa, we understood the need to simplify and consolidate the Covid-19 rules set out by the government. The aim is to remove some of the anxiety that surrounds this time, by clearly and effectively showing the British public what they are allowed to do and thus help them to return to ‘normal’ as safely as possible.”


Lockdown Boss is a Progressive Web App (PWA): a website that behaves like a mobile app, meaning it works across multiple devices without the need to visit an app store for it to be downloaded. It can be simply installed from the device’s home screen. Whatsmore, the app doesn’t require the user to register or login to gain access to the information.


Claire in Scotland said of the new app “Lockdown Boss has saved me the grief for perusing through heaps of convoluted government regulations in this precarious period we find ourselves in. The app is useful, practical and detailed enough for every user’s needs.”


Sunil in England said “This is really good! Better than the government website!”.


The Lockdown Boss gets its information solely from official government guidelines and other reputable industry sources. Fake news is not tolerated and can be reported by users.


The creators of Lockdown Boss have been inundated with requests from organisations who now require a customised version of the Lockdown App. The solution will assist organisations to greatly simplify COVID-19 compliance for their staff and/or students and ensure they rebuild trust and safety within formal environments, such as workplaces and schools. 



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