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New European Parliament maternity rights: to be Debated in UK.

Press Release: March 12, 2010

Currently an expectant mother earning the UK average salary of £25,000 receives £2596 over the first six weeks of maternity. If the new employment law is accepted in the UK, that figure will rise to £9615 over 20 weeks, an average increase of £7000 per mother, per period of maternity leave.
With the UK economy struggling to recover from recession, it remains to be seen whether the UK can afford to pay up. Politicians are keen to get the family vote (leaders of both parties famously chatted about chocolate biscuits on mums Internet forum Mums net), yet the decision will be firmly based on the strength of the economy.
Another change in employment law is new rights for dads to take some of their partners maternity leave as paternity leave, although they still dont get as long as mum. A trend in employment law tribunals has been noted by Law firm EMP Assist, who records more complaints of sex discrimination in the workplace against women than men. Additionally 100% of complaints for unequal pay are made by women.
An employment law solicitor at EMP Assist noted the trend appears to be similar nationwide. Women face more discrimination in the workplace across different sectors and at all levels. Unequal pay is the most common complaint.
This trend may be reflected in the fact that more than four in five women choose to take full maternity leave, recently extended to one year. UK Employment law protects womens right to be a mother, yet one knock on effect could be discrimination against women in the workplace, as employers seek to recoup the cost of maternity leave through lower salaries. EMP Assist also had cases where women of child bearing age were not even hired.
The EMP Assist Employment law Solicitor advises all parents There is UK employment law to protect mums and dads against discrimination in the workplace. If you believe you may have a claim to sex discrimination or unfair dismissal, an employment law Solicitor could get you compensation. You can fill out a simple enquiry form online to see whether you have a case for sex discrimination.
UK Employment law should encourage employers to value all staff equally, regardless of gender or parental responsibility. Integrating more generous maternity rights into employment law is the first step. If employers do not honour their staff, they face a hefty employment tribunal bill from an employment law Solicitor.

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