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New Eternal Collection by Silestone with N-Boost Technology

Press Release: June 20, 2018

London, 20th June 2018: Silestone is a renowned quartz surfaces brand from the house of Cosentino. The brand launched its Eternal collection at the 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. The new colours offered by the brand are inspired by popular marbles and stones and are manufactured with N-Boost technology which significantly improves the beauty and technical characteristics of the surfaces.

Experts from MKW Surfaces, a renowned surface provider in the UK, talked about the new Eternal collection and how the N-Boost technology further improves the quality of Silestone surfaces at a recent event.

“With the new Eternal collection, Silestone has paid homage to a number of world-renowned exotic stones and marbles. It is their first collection in which the highlights and veining are spread throughout the surface, including the edges, to deliver a more natural appeal. They’ve also introduced the patented N-Boost technology which modifies the surfaces at their molecular level to improve their looks and technical characteristics. Just like all their previous offerings, the surfaces in their Eternal collection too are highly versatile, resistant to scratches and impacts, and are manufactured in large formats.” says an expert from MKW Surfaces.

The Eternal collection is made up of seven breath-taking colours, such as the popular Eternal Statuario, Eternal Calacatta Gold, Pearl Jasmine, Charcoal Soapstone, Eternal Serena, Eternal Calacatta Classic and Eternal Marquina. The high-tech manufacturing standards of Silestone ensure that every slab can replicate the natural beauty of its inspiration to deliver consistency when installed. The Company has also mentioned that they will launch many new colours which will expand this Collection in future.

The expert continues, “The N-Boost technology offers better lustre and colour saturation and makes the surfaces more water repellent, making them much easier to clean. Silestone lays a major emphasis on their manufacturing standards to make sure that every slab from the brand is beautiful and offers consistency when installed. This latest collection embodies their commitment to developing world-class technologies that can drive the industry and offer long-lasting products that are not just beautiful but practical and highly versatile. While the brand has launched seven new colours with the Eternal collection, they have plans to offer even more options in the future.”

Homeowners looking for a beautiful and durable solid surface with minimum cleaning and maintenance requirements can consider this new Eternal collection from Silestone. With the beauty of natural stones combined with world-class technical attributes, the surfaces are sure to deliver years of flawless performance. MKW Surfaces is one of the few surface providers in the UK offering this latest release from Silestone. Buyers can visit the MKW Surfaces website to know more about the Eternal collection.

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MKW Surfaces is a popular natural and engineered stone surface provider in the UK. Headquartered in London, the Company is one of the few in the country to offer all the latest releases from top global brands like Neolith, Dekton, Silestone, Caesarstone, Ceralsio, and others. Apart from selling surfaces, the Company also offers consultation and installation services for all the small and large-scale residential and commercial projects.

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