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New Developments at OMG - Customer Incentives

Press Release: April 20, 2010

At OMG, we have been working hard to deliver innovative marketing solutions - driving valuable business through new online techniques. Over the next few weeks we would like to share our developments with you and the first area we would like to address is Customer Incentives.

Customer Incentives

The dramatic increase of voucher code, cashback and other reward-related initiatives has had a significant impact on the affiliate landscape. According to New Media Age, coupons & rewards are the fastest-growing online sector by time spent, up 248% Year on Year in February 2009. Similarly, researchers for Kelkoo, as reported in The Telegraph last year, indicated that 60% of online shoppers had used a cashback site. Reward sites are increasing their reach and developing white-label offerings in a diverse range of areas - as far apart as employee benefit scheme integration or as part of their saving activities for example with Child Trust Funds.

Naturally, this significant increase in incentives-led sales techniques doesnt imply that this suits all products and services and certainly not all circumstances. Indeed, a sound commercial footing must be applied to a scheme before it gets close to implementation and the process of running through a rigorous set of what if scenarios is without doubt the most effective method of mitigating any concerns, if not accepting a controlled amount of risk. It is the application of such controls that provides the framework for the workable solution limiting your audience by location, time and product allows for an effective starting point and provides protection for your marketing budget.

To facilitate this surge in incentives-led sales activity whilst offering a robust protective framework, OMG has recently launched Campaign Incentivisor, a flexible platform allowing brands to offer a range of incentives either directly to end users or in conjunction with 3rd parties be it affiliates or complimentary brands. This technical solution is combined with consulting on every aspect of the incentives process, from attracting your client base through to the fulfilment process.

These campaigns do not need to cost the earth with most implementations live and driving traffic within a month. Furthermore, if you are keen to work in combination with affiliates, youll be pleased to hear that thanks to higher conversion rates on incentives-led programmes, there is a proven appetite for them to subsidise the reward. Additionally, as the system is built upon our flexible affiliate platform, there is an ability to vary the reward value over time and by affiliate providing you the valuable insight into the elasticity of demand for your incentive mix.

Finally, we see Campaign Incentivisor as the perfect solution for marrying complimentary brands together on the internet. A recent example of this has been our work with O2 and the Arsenal Football Club. Campaign Incentivisor facilitates a bespoke offer providing rewards of £40 of Arsenal vouchers via https://www.together-we-stand.com/. This provides real value to O2, Arsenal FC and their fans. Naturally, this solution is exploiting a pre-existing relationship but this is naturally not a requirement for such a campaign. Indeed, our wide set of corporate relationships place OMG in a pivotal position to facilitate such a relationship.

To find out more about Campaign Incentivisor please visit the site URL below or click the related links above; we would be keen to hear your thoughts or fears and discuss further.

Next time we would like to raise the opportunity presented through peer to peer referrals. If you dont want to wait until then please contact OMG via the contact details below or visit our website through the direct links provided.


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