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New Data Backup Solution for Microsoft Office 365 Users from Digilink Limited

Press Release: April 17, 2019

Digilink Limited, a long-established provider of solutions in the Microsoft Cloud services and SharePoint arena, announced today the new Easier Backup software for Microsoft Office 365 offering a comprehensive, secure and inexpensive solution for backing up Office 365 cloud data. Most companies now realise it is their own responsibility to provide a backup for their online data. Easier Backup, as its name suggests, provides an extremely easy to setup, irrevocable, continuous, daily backup of files that pass through Office 365 for Business. These can be kept either wholly on-site, with no Internet dependencies, or may be stored on an alternative cloud location.

“Whether for protection against accidental file deletion, for virus and ransomware protection or for continuity for data retention laws, the company, not Microsoft, has to provide a robust, irrevocable backup solution.” said Ivor Share, Managing Director at Digilink Ltd. “Now not only large multi-national corporations can deploy this kind of backup. Small to medium sized enterprises can take advantage at minimal cost and with no specialist setup needed. Most especially, computing consultants with smaller sized clients can now ensure their customers can deploy the same security blanket around their data that previously only larger corporations could enjoy."

Digilink is also pleased to announce the built-in capability to fully integrate with Hitachi Vantara's Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). This gives larger companies the ability to rationalise their backup, however sizeable, increasing security while reducing the total cost of ownership. Additionally, Carbonite and Dropbox users can automatically integrate Easier Backup to utilise their existing Cloud storage capabilities.

"The flexibility of being able to choose an in-house backup as an alternative to a cloud storage location should not be underestimated" said Dr Duncan Neary, Head of Engineering at Digilink. "At a moment's notice, the system can either restore any file or folder Office 365 or alternatively export a complete Office 365 site locally for immediate, unfettered access, regardless of network status. Additionally, Easier Backup running in-house means that end-user authentication credentials as well as the data itself can be kept off the Cloud, further reducing the risk of data being compromised".

Pricing and Availability

In contrast to other software vendors billing plans, Digilink will let you subscribe on a monthly option with no up-front commitment and no commitment to stay. The price per user per month is what you pay. As an alternative, for just over a one-year equivalent payment, you can now purchase a fully paid-up, perpetual license, with nothing more to pay. That‘s an outright license purchase for around half the upfront subscription cost of competitive solutions. There's even a one-month's free trial. Convert to a purchase within 3 months and we'll credit that against the purchase too. Easier Backup is available for download now.

Free System Integrator and Consultant copies

To increase awareness of this solution for Office365 within the System Integrator and Computer Consultant Community, Digilink is pleased to announce that it is able to provide the first installation totally free of charge to any third-party Consultant, wishing to install at one of their client customers. There are no restrictions on the number of users at the target company. "We couldn't make this any easier" added Share “Just email us your details and we'll email you the software by return".

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