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New Customizable Gaming Mouse That Will Change The Way You Game

Press Release: July 23, 2020

Venatos, a Canada-based emerging gaming peripheral brand, has officially launched its second Kickstarter campaign for a never-before-seen customizable gaming mouse. Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform that allows creative projects to come to life while providing project backers with tangible rewards in exchange for their pledges. Venatos previously launched a Kickstarter campaign for their XL RGB gaming mouse pad with a built-in wireless charger which was successfully funded within 30 days. 

Taking things one step further, Venatos has launched a customizable gaming mouse that allows users to easily swap between a honeycomb or smooth design thanks to magnets conveniently hidden in the swappable parts. As easy as pressing a key, users can simply grab the smooth or honeycomb cover they wish to swap to and click it in place onto the mouse. The Venatos Swapper Pro comes with magnetic supports that simply push the cover or sides into place as soon as they are close enough to their magnetic counter parts. The covers are easy to clean and can be washed in warm water and dry them off to get that brand new feel.

The mouse’s most notable feature is the most up to date PM3389 sensor offered by PixArt. The Swapper Pro uses Hauno blue switches which are known to be ideal for FPS games and can last up to 20 million clicks. The Swapper Pro comes wired using the paracord cable, which is known in the type of cable in the modification community for its flexibility and light weight. The gaming mouse also comes with the ability to change both the RGB and the DPI using either the mouse or the software. It also comes with adjustable weights hidden under the case which allow the user to adjust the mouse weight from 78g to 92g. 

Most existing customizable mice on the market focus on removing the side buttons or adding grips; however, the Venatos Swapper Pro allows the user to swap designs on both the sides and cover of the mouse. There has been some talk about Venatos looking into a new concept mechanical keyboard as their next product, but no specifics have been identified yet, we hope their next idea is as good as this one! Stay tuned for what comes next.

Follow this link to obtain more information on the Venatos Swapper Pro: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/venatos/venatos-swapper-pro-gaming-mouse-swappable-cover-and-sides

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