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New COVID-19 screening app now available in the UK

Press Release: June 29, 2020

UK organisations can now reduce contamination risk, save time and prevent temporary shutdown with KNOX Screening Software. 

30 June 2020 – As businesses around the world are still getting to grips with the “Never Normal”, a new mobile app is easing the transition to compliant health screening. KNOX Screening Software - the fully automated, paperless and regulatory compliant software is now also available in the United Kingdom. 

As recently mandated, the opening up of the UK economy requires businesses to keep a temporary record of customers and visitors for 21 days, in a manageable way, and to assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed, as it could help contain clusters or outbreaks. 

“This has proven to be an administrative nightmare for a lot of organisations, especially with the European Union’s strict General Data Protection Regulations,” said Italo Olivier, Managing Director of KNOX Screening Software. “After receiving a lot of enquiries from the UK, we decided to make our solution available here as well.”

KNOX Screening Software, developed in South Africa, consists of a mobile app and admin interface that fully automates the COVID-19 screening process. It makes use of two-factor health screening that grants access to staff, visitors or patrons in five easy steps, and utilises no-touch Bluetooth technology that further reduces contamination risk.

“Another great benefit is that by fully automating the process, it drastically cuts down on screening time,” said Olivier. “One of our clients have reduced their screening time backlog from a 2.5 hour waiting time to only ten seconds per screening. That is a tremendous improvement. Lines are almost non-existent – complying to government regulations about queue management.”

KNOX Screening Software is available to businesses and establishments of all sizes and tailors their solutions to every client’s needs. 

“We are proud that we can do our bit to help safeguard businesses. By going smart, it will help people stay safe, now in the United Kingdom as well.”

About Knox Screening Software
Knox Screening Software offers smart COVID-19 screening solutions that fully automate staff, visitor or patron entry screening. The affordable, globally compliant solution creates a safer space with reduced risk of contamination, drastically cuts down screening time and removes all manual recordkeeping. Learn more about KNOX Screening Software at www.knoxsoftware.co.za

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