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New Company Focuses on Abuse Awareness

Press Release: April 05, 2017

A new company focused on raising awareness on abuse has emerged. TTVA Solutions aims to hire, teach and train individuals as Virtual Assistants while allowing them to remain safe in their recovery of abuse.
CEO & Founder “June” states that TTVA means This and That Virtual Assistants. She states that the acronym for the business is not nearly as important as their mission.
As found on the company website:
“Our Primary Mission is to provide an opportunity to individuals rebuilding their life after the cycle of abuse to earn an income yet remaining safe.”
Each VA is given the chance to apply skills and talents they already have, learn new ones, and start their path to financial independence and freedom.
Each VA is assigned a nickname for their safety so they adapt to their new life out of abuse.
Only owners “Sandy” and “June” know the real identity of each of the VA’s that work for TTVA Solutions
With a combined total of 30 plus years of experience in Event Planning, Organization, Creativity, and Professional Office Management, TTVA Solutions will match you with the best VA to meet your personal and/or Professional needs.
“June” will manage and coordinate efforts in the US while “Sandy” will be the VP of International Operations, coordinating efforts in the UK
It is June and Sandy’s heart’s desire to see TTVA Solutions be a reliable source of employment for those looking to heal out of the cycle of abuse, and for those looking for talented individuals who deserve a second chance.
You can connect with them via their website and Facebook page. (A TTVA team member is working on additional social media sites as part of their training)
Website: http://ttva-solutions.webs.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TTVASolutions/

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