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New Collection of Double-Ended Freestanding Baths at JT Spas Now At More Than 50% Off

Press Release: July 09, 2020

Summary: There are plenty of reasons why the freestanding bath remains a popular element in many homes, but another reason why more and more customers are going for freestanding baths is their price. Freestanding baths are now a lot more affordable, thanks in part to a supplier like JT Spas, which now offers an entirely new collection of double-ended freestanding tubs at over 50% off.                 

JT Spas has long been an exclusive source of wonderful bathroom products, all of which are carefully picked from only the most trusted manufacturers in the UK and Europe and the US. But apart from this, JT Spas can offer all its bathroom products at great prices, which offers even more benefits for customers who are looking for real value for their money. 

Today, at JT Spas, anyone visiting the site would immediately be greeted with the freshest offers online along with special sales and discounts for a plethora of bathroom products. JT Spas regularly updates its list to include bargains for some of its most popular and in-demand products. And there is one product today which comes with exclusive offers as well: the double-ended freestanding bath, an entirely new collection that is now available with discounts of up to 50%.

One of these products is the Lille double-ended freestanding bath measuring 1700mm by 800mm, and the bath is stunning and can certainly be an excellent focal point and element in any bathroom. And now, customers can purchase it for as low as £595 – down from its original price of £1299. The bath is made using the highest-class, sanitary-grade acrylic, and it is further reinforced with uniquely-formulated glass fibre resin as well. It offers enhanced insulation, and it is easy to clean with just the use of warm soap and water.

Another excellent offer is for the Marseille double-ended freestanding bath, also in white, which measures 1740mm by 790mm and which is now available for a mere £595 as well, bringing it down from its original price of £1299 (the same price as the Lille bath). The bath is also a gorgeous model and made from only the highest-quality materials around. To avail of the exciting and exclusive offers on freestanding baths that are now available at the site, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

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JT Spas is an absolute expert when it comes to different kinds of high-quality products for the bathroom, and its selection is always carefully chosen and sourced only from the best bathroom product manufacturers. At JT Spas, customers can shop for a full range of items, from freestanding baths to shower enclosures and steam showers, radiators, bathroom accessories, toilets, taps, basins, and plenty more. Visit the website today for full details.

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