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New clothing brand with a twist.

Press Release: March 11, 2010

You go clothes shopping for a new item and look forward to that night out with the girls/lads, only to bump into someone else wearing that same item. Annoyed and embarresed what do you do, go home, laugh it off or move on somewhere else.

This is something that is always going to happen as when you bought your new item there were many more on the same rail and many more in the store room in the shop.

Eclipsed Earth wants to be different. The U.K. is split into 124 different postcode regions and every item we sell will only be sold once in each region. All we are looking to do as a brand is limit our items in numbers and spread them as far across the U.K. as possible, so hopefully you can go out in the knowledge that the chances of meeting somebody else wearing the same item will be extremly unlikely.

Eclipsed Earth, own your area.

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