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New Childrens Confidence Workshops From Authors Inspire And Develop Youngsters

Press Release: April 14, 2010

Aspirational parents in London have a new and innovative alternative in their mission to raise high-achieving children. A new series of workshops, which develop childrens confidence and help them think more positively, is proving a hit with children and parents.

The programme picks up on recent UK government research which highlights childrens school results and their well being could be improved by putting more emphasis on their social and emotional development (1).

Based on an innovative series of six picture books featuring Mikey the Monkey (2), the workshops teach positive life lessons using stories, activities, practical exercises and fun. Mikey and other characters also make appearances - to the delight of children. Children are trained to believe in themselves and to think they can do it, going for their goals and calming their mind. They also work on their fears and learn how to walk and talk with confidence. Students leave with a personalised trophy and set of 5 "magic spells" (goals or positive affirmations) to help them keep up their good work.

One eight year old said she used what she learnt on the course when faced with a tough situation in a basketball game at school. Despite five of her team mates being injured, her and a friend managed to carry the team. Another parent reported more cooperative behaviour from their child and less arguments after only one third of the course.

Another girl, also eight, enthused, Its better to think you can do it than to think you cant, after the session on adopting an I can do it attitude.

Co-author Hitul Thobhani, says: We wrote the books to develop children in a fun and engaging way. The workshops offer an opportunity for children to gain these skills first hand. Our team is ecstatic to see children applying their new-found skills at school and at home - in some cases immediately.

Co-author Amal Simothy, adds: Our team is passionate about personal development. By teaching young children invaluable lessons on confidence and success we hope to unlock their incredible potential.

The course currently runs in Harrow and Redbridge (3) with more locations opening soon. The cost is £97 per child, including a £40 study kit and a personalised trophy for each child. To book, or reserve a free trial session, go to www.good2greatkidz.co.uk, email workshop@kidz4mation.com or call 020 8518 0076 or 07970042632. For more information on Kidz4Mation go to www.kidz4mation.com.

Notes to Editors
Following a successful launch in Stanmore, North London, workshops are running over the school Easter holidays in Hatch End, NW London and Redbridge in East London. There will then be a weekly programme of sessions during term time of an hour a week, with Success Camps during school holidays

The 12 hour course, aimed at 4 to 9 year olds, teaches children how to think more positively, go for their goals and walk and talk with confidence. After an enactment of a story, with Mikey and his friends often making an appearance, children explore the theme of that book through accompanying exercises and have the opportunity of a role play. The course culminates in a graduation ceremony where each student is presented with a trophy. They also speak on what they have learnt and announce their goals.

Media kits, Directors quotes, photos and interviews are available on request.


Note 1 Government report
Sir Jim Rose was asked by the government to review the primary curriculum. His report Independent Review of The Primary Curriculum, published April 2009, identified personal development as one of the key areas to promote. For details go to http://www.dcsf.gov.uk/primarycurriculumreview/

Note 2 - About the Mikey the Monkey series from Kidz4Mation

Mikey Helps Toot-Toot is about Positive Thinking (ISBN: 978-0-9563260-0-3).
Chik-Chik's Cap Raising Self-Esteem (subtheme of disability discrimination) 978-0-9563260-5-8
Mikey Says 'I Can Do It' helps children overcome limitations and develop an I Can attitude (ISBN:
Mikey Aces His Test teaches children a technique to help them achieve their goals using positive affirmations (ISBN: 978-0-9563260-3-4)
Mikey Takes a Moment encourages children to Meditation and Relaxation (ISBN: 978-0-9563260-4-1)
Tiggle Takes Off! teaches the importance of gratitude and has a subtheme of environment awareness
(ISBN: 978-0-9563260-1-0).
Authors: Amal and Santa Simothy and Hitul and Seema Thobhani
Illustrator: Anca Delia Budeanu
Publisher: Kidz4Mation Ltd info@kidz4mation.com
Size and format: 20.5 x 20.5cm full colour paperback
Availability: www.kidz4mation.com www.waterstones.com, 20+ Waterstones in and around London.
Distributor: Gardners
Price: £5.99 each
Accompanying activity books are in development.

Note 3 Course details
Venue: Harrow Arts Centre, Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Middlesex

Venue: Trinity Centre, Baxter Road, Ilford IG1 2HN (Next to Loxford Children Centre)

About Kidz4Mation:
Kidz4Mation is passionate about children's success and confidence. We are authors of a series of picture books which teach invaluable positive lessons to children aged 4 to 9. Our workshops train children for success at school and in life by raising their confidence and helping them feel better about themselves.

Our products and services nurture childrenss life skills and confidence so they grow as a person and achieve their very best at school. Extensive research has shown academic and life success depends on social and emotional skills much more than IQ.

Through the experiences of Mikey the Monkey and his friends, we teach children vital developmental lessons:
-Confidence and self-esteem
-Positive thinking
-Overcoming limitations and thinking 'I Can Do It'
-Focussing on your goals - positive affirmations
-Being grateful and living with a true sense of appreciation
-Calming and relaxing the mind
-Walking and talking with confidence

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Hitul ThobhaniHitul Thobhani

Tel: 0797 004 26320797 004 2632

Email: hitul@kidz4mation.comhitul@kidz4mation.com

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