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New Business! Fusion Red - Low Priced Desktop Computers!

Press Release: September 05, 2015

Fusion Red - Desktop Computers - Low Prices, High Quality, High Performance! Lower Priced + Better Specs than Digital Storm, Dell, Lenovo and more! Shop now on their website at: www.fusionred.jimdo.com

Fusion Red is the ideal desktop computer company. They offer cheaper prices than the competitors with better specs! Their lowest priced model comes in at $540! Fusion Red currently has 3 models and in the future they will be releasing server PCs. If you don't find what you want in their list of models, you can always ask for a custom-built one, for NO extra charge. That's amazing. You won't find other computer manufacturers doing that. That's what makes Fusion Red unique. You can make payments on their site with PayPal, so it is 100% secure. They even offer a 14-day return! Also, they currently have a back to school sale on now for a limited time. Other computer manufacturers are way too expensive and rip you off. $1000 for 4gb of RAM? What is this? Fusion Red strives to prove high quality, low prices, and high performance. Now you no longer have to worry about your PC not being able to handle a certain game because you can't purchase the better model because of the cost. Another feature that is really nice is the fact that, if you want to save some money, you can purchase the computer with Ubuntu, a free OS. If you want some more info about Ubuntu, you can go here: http://www.ubuntu.com. If you want to check out their website and store, and maybe make a purchase yourself, head over to http://www.fusionred.jimdo.com/store
Their website and support will be upgraded soon.


On their website, they also have a forum where you can post your experiences with Fusion Red, ask questions and more. They also have a blog, where you can see new things the company is working on, and you can sign up to their newsletter. Signing up for their newsletter gives you deals, sales, exclusive info and more.


Fusion Red is a great company and is definitely worth checking out.

Low Prices, High Quality and High Performance. Fusion Red. Models are available to purchase right now on their website.

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*- In a few days, you will be able to access their website at www.fusionred.ca -* More info on their blog.

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