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New booking platform GuideBase.com: Winter sport, simple and safe

Press Release: December 16, 2016

For those who don’t know it - the long and arduous internet research for the perfect ski instructor or holiday destination which fulfils all mountain sport wishes. The search has come to an end. Based on the model of Airbnb, there is now a free booking platform for mountain sports and courses: GuideBase.com.

‘I am a passionate skier and mountaineer. What’s always annoyed me, was the search for the right mountain guide, or off piste guide. During the ascent of Mont Blanc, we had the idea for GuideBase.com’, Henning Rehder, founder of this start-up company based in Munich.

Simple booking, guaranteed qualified providers
You have three search criteria on GuideBase.com: browse through the most popular tours, search specifically each activity category, or choose activities sorted according to region. Apart from skiing and snowboarding, winter sport activities such as ice climbing, heliskiing or freeriding are on offer. All providers are checked upfront - they have to submit their relevant state-recognised certificate, otherwise their offer isn’t listed.

Most popular region worldwide: the Alps
‘We offer worldwide tours and course, however most of them are for the Alps`, explains Henning Rehder. According to independent research, the Alps region is the most popular in the world for alpine winter sport*. Every fifth winter sportsman comes from the region, and almost 45 percent of all skiing days take place there*. Thus, the infrastructure of the region is also the best in the world - more than a third of all ski resorts and ski lifts are situated there*.

INFO BOX: ‘Insider tips - snowy adventures, away from the busy pistes’.

Tip 1: Heliskiing with picknick in Sion (Switzerland) - up it goes in the helicopter over 3,000m. There you’ll be served with Michelin star food, at furniture specially built for you from the snow. Including live music, dream views and an unforgettable descent through deep snow. 2,234 euros per person per day.

Tip 2: Snow shoe hiking in the Sierra Nevada (Spain) - like a fur trapper you hike through the high mountains of Andalusia and hear only the crunching of snow under your feet. A touch of freedom, adventure and wilderness. 70 euros per day per person.

Tip 3: Ice climbing in Bad Gastein (Austria) - with crampons and ice picks, you climb up a frozen waterfall. Extreme sport with guaranteed thrill. With a guide for beginners possible. 150 euros per person per day.

*Source: ‘Wintersport - Statista-Dossier’, Statista GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, 2016.

Please note: Press photos are available on request. Please contact Nina Methe, Head of PR, nina@guidebase.com.

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