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New Book says you can Lose Weight by Saving the Earth

Press Release: June 23, 2019

This month a new book found its way into Amazon's virtual shelves that speaks to eco-warriors as well as weight-loss enthusiasts. It's called "The Plastic-Free Diet" and it's written by lifelong environmentalists Mandy Gardner and Laretta Collins. Short and perhaps not-so-sweetly to the point, The Plastic-Free Diet laments the fact that feeding ourselves in today's world is next to impossible if we don't include plastic in our grocery carts. In fact, shopping for only non-plastic-wrapped foods is so restrictive, it just might be the next weight-loss craze.

Gardner and Collins make a fantastic case for leaving plastic behind for good, even for readers who don't necessarily worry about the damage food packaging is doing to the planet. For example, micro-plastics have begun to find their way into seafood and other ingredients that many of us eat on a daily basis. Furthermore, when we eliminate plastic-wrapped foods from our diets, we're left with a grocery list that's refreshingly pure, simple and nutritious.

The authors include a one-week meal plan and several recipes to get dieters started. Lose weight and save the Earth! You can pick up a copy of The Plastic-Free Diet on Amazon. The book is available in paperback for American readers, and digital format in all marketplaces.

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