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New Book Release: “Mind Right” by Award-Winning Author Lorraine Phillips

Press Release: April 27, 2017

In her new self-help/personal transformational book titled Mind Right: Change the Way You Think to Create a Life You Love, Lorraine Phillips teaches us that according to the Pareto principle (better known as the 80/20 rule) true long-lasting success can only be attained from carrying out 80 percent thought and 20 percent action—and not the other way around as we have been led to believe.

After many years of research into spirituality and the creative manifestation process Phillips firmly believes that there is nothing in life that cannot be changed, modified, or improved just by simply changing the way you think. Mind Right leads the reader on a journey of deep introspection and self-discovery so that they might discover who they are, what their purpose is and figure out their own personal reason for being. The book then provides a step-by-step guide for creating a happier, peaceful, more fulfilling and abundant life—giving simple, practical, effective techniques readers can use to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Lorraine previously ran the inspirational website, SisterPower.com for over ten years before launching SisterPower Magazine. As a result, she has published a total of seven books, with subjects ranging from personal motivation to magazine publishing to online book marketing and promotion.

As an author, Phillips has received several awards, where her books have been recognized for exhibiting superior levels of creativity and originality as well as high standards of design and production quality. She was also selected as a Benjamin Franklin Awards silver finalist in the Business and Economics category for excellence in book editorial and design. As a dynamic speaker, author, freelancer, and coach, it is her mission to help people achieve their personal and professional dreams. As she puts it in her own words: “It’s exactly what I was born to do!”

Mind Right (ISBN: 9780982276587 and published 4/17) is priced at $12.95. The title is available from all major wholesalers and book retailers, as well as online outlets nationwide, in Canada, Australia and throughout Europe. For more information and for free downloads, please visit http://www.mindrightbook.com.

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