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New Art Community Website Launched

Press Release: December 14, 2009


This week sees the launch of a new art community website that gives artists, photographers and designers of all kinds new ways to exhibit and sell their work online. The website, www.artybuzz.com, was created by Richard Wilde and gives anyone the ability to upload images of their artwork which can then be sold as prints, canvases, t shirts and more.

Artybuzz.com is free to join and gives every member their own dedicated online space to showcase and sell their work from. The website is based around a community ethos, and gives members the ability to join and create their own groups, advertise their exhibitions and events and gain feedback on their work through a comments system.

Richard Wilde said that Artybuzz provides a hassle free way for creatives to get their work noticed and sold. All people have to do is set their price, upload images of their work and choose the products they want to sell on. When artworks are purchased, we manufacture and distribute orders on behalf of our members and then send them their earnings. Artybuzz takes no commission from sales and takes no subscription fee.

Artybuzz.com operates internationally and prides itself on setting no restrictions on who can join its online community. Richard Wilde said, at Artybuzz, we provide an indiscriminate place where creatives of all ages, abilities, styles and backgrounds can show and gain recognition for their work. The website has a diverse range of art covering areas including, painting, sculpture, illustration, photography, design and more.

The products that are made from the images members upload on Artybuzz are manufactured to the highest quality. Using top grade raw materials and the latest giclee printing processes means that Artybuzz can provide high quality goods consistently to all its customers. This ensures that its members artworks are reproduced to a standard that does the utmost justice to each piece.

Artists, photographers and designers who sell their work through Artybuzz retain all copyright over their images and are fully credited for everything they produce. They are also under no obligation to show their work exclusively on Artybuzz.com. Anyone interested in joining or adding their work just needs to go to www.artybuzz.com and create a free profile.
Notes to Editors
If you would like more information or to arrange an interview with Richard Wilde, he is contactable at the details listed below.
Why artybuzz is different from other art websites:
-Users pay no subscription fee, we take no commission from sales, and users set their own price
-Artybuzz does not vet its members, anyone can join whether they are a well known established artist or just somebody who likes to view art
-Artybuzz brings more ways for artists, photographers and designers to promote their work online than any other website
-Work is easily separated into many categories making it easy to be found, often on art community websites, photography outnumbers all other work, artybuzz categorises all its art making it easier for people to find what they want to view and buy.
-Simple and easy to use
Contact Details
Contact Name: Richard Wilde
Company Name: Artybuzz.com
Tel: 0151 227 5761 or 07738362461
Email: richard@artybuzz.com
Website: www.artybuzz.com

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Ruchard WildeRuchard Wilde

Tel: 0151227576101512275761

Email: richard@artybuzz.comrichard@artybuzz.com

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