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New Art Book Section at Ogma Books

Press Release: August 19, 2015

Ogma Books, an established online bookstore today announced its arrival in the field of art book e-commerce along with their existing e-commerce in selling of bargain but limited edition books. Ogma Books has been serving its clients in the e-commerce industry with aim of meeting the need of book lovers across the continent who love to negotiate but do not want to bargain on quality. With experience in the international book trade to source fantastic, exclusive deals, Ogma Books are known not to stack books high and tall but rather they have unique books that are rare to buy from local bookstores.

Ogma Books acquired its unique name from the word: Ogham. Ogham, a form of Celtic writing, was used in inscriptions from about 300 AD to 600 AD. It was formed using simple furrows across a line or an edge in stone to form the letters. Ogham is known from about three hundred inscriptions, found mostly in Ireland but also in Wales particularly in Pembrokeshire.

A prevalent elucidation of the origin of the name “Ogma” is that it comes from the Celtic poet god, Ogma Grianainech (Ogma Sun Face), also known as Ogma Milbel (Ogma Honey-mouth), the god of eloquence, healing, learning and prophecy.

Scholars insinuate that Ogham was used as a way of protecting secret oral knowledge by the Druids after the Romans invaded Britain. Ogham was only used in public inscriptions when the influence of the druids was in decline.
From avoiding the generic and derivative to maintaining the very highest standards, Ogma Books takes its job very seriously and often compares it with the work of separating the wheat from the chaff by sourcing great publishers overstocks, out-of-print, promotional and remainder book titles.

Rare and atypical art books such as Kevin Roche: Architecture as Environment, Into the Frame: The Four Loves of Ford Madox Brown, The Intelligence of Tradition in Rajput Court Painting to The Glory of the Sultans: Islamic Architecture in India 1100-1880, Lost Worlds: Ruins of the Americas and Rembrandt's Nose: Of Flesh and Spirit in the Master's Portraits. Ogma Books often source the books directly from well-known and respected book publishers' from around the world. Many are new, unread books that a publisher has passed on for resale, which often occurs after when a book has completed its peak selling cycle and the publisher is looking to free up storage space or to recoup initial printing costs. This means the brand new books are procured at a substantially reduced price, which is beneficial for the customers, as they will get uncommon books in bargain prices.

Along with bargain prices, this premier online bookstore, also offers its account customers in-store reward points scheme where every sale generates reward points offering the customers extra discounts on future purchases. Points can also be generated by signing up for our newsletter or by interacting and liking on Facebook and Twitter.

What is more great than buying uncommon art books at discounted bargain prices from a well-established online bookstore as experienced and trusted as Ogma Books. From Design to Photography, Architecture and Art, Ogma Books as all kinds of unusual art books that every art lover will love.

Based in Pembrokeshire, Ogma Books has made another milestone in their business by including uncommon art books in their e-commerce bookstore. With great execution, beautiful ideas and every book in budget, Ogma Books have heaps of satisfied clients in whole of the continent. Visit www.ogmabooks.com, for more details, view their ever-increasing art book collection, and avail their in-house reward point system to avail higher discounts and bargains.

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