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New Aalbun Analytics tool allows innovators to build intelligence using patent, trademark and invention data for every sector

Press Release: December 02, 2021

Leading legal tech firm launches new software analytics tool from December 2021 - offering users invaluable and unprecedented insight into the big innovative developments happening in their industry 
One of the UK’s top legal tech startups has unveiled a new smart tool that offers unprecedented access to the patents, trademarks and technological innovations happening right now across every industry. 

Aalbun’s new Analytics software contains vast databases of the inventions being made in a specific sector - enabling users to understand their market landscape better than ever before. 

With rich amounts of patent/trademark data and numerous customisation options at their fingertips, Aalbun Analytics users have a refreshingly easy and effective solution to build innovation intelligence - confidently mapping where and how their industry is changing. 

Aalbun Analytics enjoyed its official launch at startup conference Slush 2021 in Helsinki on 1 December 2021. The tool has been designed for global use - offering huge advantages for Research & Development teams and educational institutions such as universities. 

Features and benefits of Aalbun Analytics include:
  •  Flexible filtering - A wide range of filtering options letting users build innovation intelligence based on keywords, competitors, inventors and many other useful criteria. With such a high level of customisation, users can build highly relevant dashboards at the click of a button.
  •  One simple view - Relevant data presented in a readable way that makes spotting trends and changes in the market easy, including graphs and pie charts.  
  •  Dig deeper - A drill-down function that allows for a deep dive into specific patents, trademarks, companies or technologies.

Aalbun has been providing quality IP services since 2014. Originally founded in Cambridge, the company has expanded its operations internationally over the past seven years - with almost two-dozen official team members and hundreds of expert consultants based around the globe. 

Christian Bunke, CEO & co-founder at Aalbun, who has over 15 years of experience working with IP and patent analytics, stated: “We felt there was a need for a robust and affordable SaaS tool for patent analytics to give innovators in every organisation access to valuable insights. 

“IP protection and innovation have always been driven by a strong understanding of the market and competitor invention. This is what we can offer with Aalbun Analytics.”

Aalbun Analytics is available from 1 December 2021. 
Create an account for free and find out more by visiting the dedicated webpage: https://www.aalbun.com/analytics-tool 

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