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neverQ aims to deliver on its name for small business

Press Release: May 22, 2020


Selected Geeks to launch App to help hospitality businesses operate as Covid-19 restrictions ease

A Brighton based software developer and hospitality specialist says it has created a new Covid-secure solution to assist hospitality businesses operate with social distancing in confined premises thanks to a new mobile app.

The app, neverQ, developed by the Selected Group will be aimed initially at coffee shops, cafés, and other hospitality businesses, to help them operate efficiently as Covid-19 restrictions ease, ensuring customer and staff safety and confidence.

neverQ provides a 'Click and Collect' or timed 'Grab and Go' service including table ordering, drive-through and take to vehicle options, meaning there's no menu handling, no queuing on busy pavements or no waiting for customers wishing to be served. Perfect for small spaces.

Ali Kosari, Chairman of the Selected Group, has driven the development of neverQ with his international team of developers, as well as liaising with owners of some of the most popular independent coffee shops in Brighton and Hove to create neverQ, as well as an accompanying portal for local users.

The rollout plan reveals that neverQ will initially be released to Brighton businesses first and it will be heavily discounted and free to users before its national rollout across the UK in the coming weeks.

Speaking about the app, Mr Kosari said: "Hospitality across the UK and locally is gearing up for a restart which presents business owners with many challenges, especially as best practice protocols and requirements are yet to be defined.”

"Any risk assessments for a ‘Covid-secure restart’ are open to wide interpretation right now and remain fairly loose. Pubs are even using a loophole to serve beer as a takeaway providing it is not consumed anywhere on the premises.”

"Customer and staff confidence is essential and we know that a one-size-fits-all approach certainly will not apply."

A buoyant hospitality sector over the summer months is vital to the economy, saving many jobs and small businesses and for the general well-being of the population.

"We know that social distancing will still be needed for many months, capacity is likely to be reduced, screening, physical or thermal may be needed and some hospitality businesses, like clubs, will not be able to reopen yet. Many others will be too small to comply or suffer from close contact avoidance by customers."

Colin Beaddie owner of Baked Academy in Hove, said: “neverQ gives my customers choice from ordering on the go or a table and many other great advantages, neverQ is like having another member of staff in my business.”

"To find out more visit www.neverqapp.com."

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