Press Release: February 15, 2010

Northwest company U-CLOCK has announced the launch of a new service to compliment there existent product range that focus on remote workers , branded U-LOCATE and once more utilising mobile technology U-LOCATE will enable companies to efficiently manage lone workers within their remote workforce.

U-CLOCK is expecting a great deal of interest from their existing customer base, SMES and large corporate alike due to location based accuracy and its client alert; features giving employers a greater peace of mind and offer a greater duty of care to employees safety in dangerous situation

The secret to successful remote working programmes is tight monitoring and management practices. Companies who employ lone workers have their own unique set of issues and policies they need to implement best defined by the HSE

Employers have responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare at work of their employees and the health and safety of those affected by the work, e.g. visitors, such as contractors and self-employed people who employers may engage. These responsibilities cannot be transferred to people who work alone. It is the employers duty to assess risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control risk where necessary. Employees have responsibilities to take reasonable care of themselves and other people affected by their work and to co-operate with their employers in meeting their legal obligations

U-LOCATE is designed for use by companies with teams of lone workers (such as service engineers and care workers), and allows them to track where employees are at any given point using U-LOCATE tracking software. The tracker suitable for use with any phone, but works with greater deliverability with GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled phones - also features a real-time client alert, panic response system

Users download the software to their phones, which sends positional data via GPRS to the U-LOCATE platform, delivering real time employee location information. This allows employers to manage more effectively there most valuable resource- theres staff. A live track and time stamp data is recorded every one or five minutes, with a panic alarm that can be activated as needed to give an instant location report. The client alert protocol can also be uniquely defined to initiate an escalation process, if the worse happens and a situation occurs.

The escalation process managed independently includes a working emergency response centre so when a panic is initiated the emergency services can be notified immediately for maximum response

U-CLOCKs Business Development Manager Keith Malone is excited by what he now defines as the most complete solution for remote workers in the market U-LOCATE compliments are existing U-CLOCK platform perfectly. We listened to our customers and the market needs, we wanted any developments in our range to solve real daily problems and it soon became apparent that U-CLOCK was a perfect fit for remote workers in static locations like Subcontractors on large sites, contract cleaners visiting the same offices and security guards, however we was still was not offering solutions for the employers whose staff is constantly on the move like a domestic repairer, or a support worker U-LOCATE now offers employers a location based platform to see their employees GPS location at any given point of the day and our innovative client alert feature offers a duty of care never seen before Malone proudly boasted with U-CLOCK and U-LOCATE i am confident there is not a more complete solution in the country

The benefits of U-LOCATE are obvious. As well as Greater control over staff, the lone worker will immediately benefit from greater peace of mind knowing they are protected 24/7 plus as an employer you are providing your legal duty of care for all legislation including Corporate Manslaughter Act, at reduced cost as there is no capital outlay.


The U-LOCATE Location tracking system is available from today as a bolt on to the existing U Clock platform Business Development Manager, Keith Malone is excited One of the great things about U-CLOCK is that it represents such good value that it pays for itself straightaway. With U LOCATE it offers a solution for industries that have never been able to monitor their staff this efficiently and most importantly offer their employees this level of help in difficult situations so for any remote worker need we should be your first call , he grinned.

Further information about the U-LOCATE AND U CLOCK Remote Management System can be found at www.u-clock.co.uk


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U-CLOCK are business based in Bolton, Lancashire, UK.

For further information about the U-CLOCK Remote Management System, please contact Buisness Development Manager Keith Malone on 01204 537867. Mobile: 07896 194423. Alternatively email sales@u-clock.co.uk

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