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NetPay and the NFRN Commercial Announce Partnership

Press Release: September 10, 2015

NetPay and NFRN Commercial has today formally announced their partnership and offer to all independent newsagents and convenience store owners. This hugely positive and promising partnership was announced at the NFRN’s National Council during which NFRN Commercial and NetPay jointly presented the deal, which will inevitably benefit NFRN members.

The offer allows members to takes advantage of the recent, EU mandated charges to Visa Debit card charges.

The NFRN welcomed the ruling made by the European Court on the 11th September 2014, bringing the end to excessively high interchange fees for lower value transactions and have actively encouraged the development of a more competitive system. To reflect this change in the law NFRN Commercial was keen to broker a robust deal with a reputable merchant services supplier. NetPay is a leading payment service provider offering its customers online processing, payment terminal and merchant services. This makes them an ideal business partner as they offer a better service to independent and convenience store owners, hence meeting the criteria NFRN’s Commercial team were looking for.

Carl Churchill Managing Director at NetPay said “We chose NFRN Commercial because of their commitment to getting a better deal for independents; they work hard to help retailers develop their sales and profits to achieve their potential. NetPay too are committed to this, saving the average retail newsagent 59% on their merchant services rates. NetPay customers not only benefit from these great savings but also vital insight into their customers through our reporting and analytics tool Revolution.”

“Many UK retailers, particularly those in the c-store sector are still not benefiting from the EU’s changes to Visa Debit transactions charges, either because they are not aware of the changes or their incumbent provider has chosen not to pass the potential savings on to their customer.” Said Carl.

Carl continues “These changes are particularly beneficial to the c-store sector and NFRN members. With the charging moving from a pence per instance to a percentage, the times where card charges heavily erode your margin on low value transactions are a thing of the past. More cost effective transaction charges mean a bigger promotion of card use and a reduction in the charges and risk associated with banking cash. Many retailers forget that it costs their business money to bank cash and cheques the average costs for banking £100 in cash is 60p with the main high street banks.”

Paul Baxter, CEO of the NFRN said “The relationship with NetPay gives retailers increased choice and access to the benefit of the recent changes to the Visa Debit interchange charges. This change is something the NFRN has supported and provided evidence on as part of the European’s Unions review process into these costs and their impact on our members”.

NetPays ethos is to help businesses reduce the costs of purchasing, whilst delivering unbeatable customer service. Customers of NetPay have the added benefit of access to the award winning Revolution platform providing merchants with transaction management information and consumer intelligence.

For more information about the partnership visit: www.netpay.co.uk/shoplink

About NetPay

NetPay Solutions Group is a multi-channel, payment service provider offering a range of online processing, payment terminal and merchant services through strategic partners. The business operates from offices in both the UK and Ireland.

The Group supports a number of partners in a diverse selection of industries including financial services, telecoms, cash and carry wholesale, cost consultancy and trade associations, enabling these organisations to offer card processing and related services to their customers and members.
The business has experienced considerable growth by focusing on the challenges businesses experience when using card processing services and seeking to resolve these challenges through a combination of great technology, great service and great value.

About NFRN Commercial

NFRN Commercial is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NFRN. It exists to provide independent retailers and particularly those who are members of the NFRN, with support to enable them to compete effectively and develop their sales and profits. More and more companies are recognizing the potential of NFRN Commercial and how the independent retailer opportunity can be unlocked.

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