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Nav D Solutions launches custom campaigns for SEO, SMO & PPC

Press Release: May 19, 2015

14-5-2015 Nav D Solutions announces its new feature-packed smart calculator signalling a shift in paradigm in the package-ridden internet marketing industry.

UK’s leading internet marketing firm Nav D Solutions has launched the world’s first smart calculator for building your own internet marketing campaigns. The company says that while most clients struggle with a plethora of packages from hundreds of companies, they are offering a pay-as-you-go solution to the problem; choose what you want, in what quantity and pay for it in monthly payments. The company has moved all it’s internet marketing services in the same format aiming to completely change the paradigm of selling internet marketing services.

Nav D Solutions will be offering a complete spectrum of micro-services and actionable items within its smart calculator. The company has been a pioneer in breakthrough content strategies and currently offers content creation & marketing in SEO and SMO services has integrated the same in the smart calculator. The company’s current philosophy of organic growth over artificial methods has panned out well and they insist on continuing with the same even after scaling issues have allegedly brought down profits for all SEO companies in the market.

The company, currently headquartered in Cardiff, made this move in light of becoming more flexible to the unique business needs of each client from their large portfolio. Over a decade of experience has helped the company build the right attitude towards marketing, not to mention the tools, technology and strategies necessary to efficiently achieve just about any marketing goal within their domain.

Nav D Solutions claims it offers the most comprehensive SEO campaigns in the market. A single SEO campaign can begin from a measly budget of £100 monthly and allows to choose from a variety of SEO techniques that fit your palette. There are over a dozen action items in SEO itself ranging from the cheap options such as bookmark submissions and blog commenting to some of the more costly ones like blog creation and article submission. If you’re not the kind to pick and choose, there is a package-maker that creates a package for you at the click of a button, at any budget you desire.

To promote user adoption, the company has launched quite a few introductory offers for all client, old and new, which seemed to catch quite a bit of attention at the 14th May company pitch at Cardiff,UK with quite a few applicants who registered on the spot.

Nav D Solutions has recently also revamped its development wing with new services for web design and development, not on the smart calculator model, but close. The company recently brought in new leadership with Rohit Malik taking the herald as Director of the company and is looking forward to acquiring many major players in the retail sector before the end of this quarter.

The company’s SEO division had recently acquired many of the best minds in the SEO industry and is ramping up services with better quality, more work capacity and ultimately better ROIs for its clients.

Nav D Solutions, a complete internet marketing company, offers the following services:
● Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Complete management of SEO strategies for businesses.
● Social Media Optimization (SMO) - Complete social media management and promotion for businesses.
● Pay-Per-Click Management - Short & aggressive PPC campaign service to yield qualified leads and sales for business.

Visit www.navdsolutions.co.uk to know more about these services and how your business can benefit from them.

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