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Natures Boutique - Respect Nature: And your right to look gorgeous!

Press Release: March 10, 2010

Less hippy / more Lippy!

You care about saving the planet but you also want to look fabulous.

The solution?
No, not a homemade yoghurt face mask. Were talking luxurious beauty lotions and potions from Natures Boutique. Our brands are earth-kind and cruelty-free and (crucially) also give you glowing, healthy-looking skin.

The average woman uses up to 15 beauty products per day, exposing her to 515 potentially hazardous ingredients. Our range helps you cut back on harsh and harmful chemicals. Parabens? Nope. Artificial colours or fragrances? Uh-uh. Sodium lauryl sulphate? Not a drop. Propylene glycol? Save it for the antifreeze, thanks.

Do you have to suffer to be beautiful?
No, and animals shouldnt either. Natures Boutique founder Carrina Rowe is a vegan, so our skincare products, cosmetics and eco fashion items are too. Animal testing? Obviously a no-no. Lanolin? Verboten. Leather? No can do. Carmine? Fuhgeddaboudit. Cosmetic brushes made from animal hair? I dont think so!

Get glowing with two of our favourite products for Spring/Summer 2010:

Prepare to Bare
Warmer weather (its coming, promise!) means no more hiding under tights and jumpers. Slough off flaky dead cells to get your skin worthy of the red carpet or at least the office with rich Tamu Organic Virgin Coconut & Lime Whipped Body Butter, £15.95. Detoxify and refresh your skin with a luscious blend of anti-ageing coconut oil, nourishing Shea Butter, refreshing organic grape seed oil, healing Vitamin E and zesty lemon and lime essential oils.

Arm candy
Swap your heavy, winter carry-all for a light and sunny bag thats springtime fresh. Easy on the eyes (and shoulders) the Matt & Nat Commix (£165) is big enough for essentials, but wont weigh you down. Its light on your conscience, too. Since 1995, Matt & Nat has been a pioneer of luxury vegan accessories (no fur, leather, silk or wool). An average of 21 plastic bottles are recycled to make their gorgeous bags.

For further information about Natures Boutique and our products, high-resolution images or sample loans for photo shoots or tried-and-tested features contact:

Carrina Rowe
Sales and Marketing Manager
Nature's Boutique

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