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Natur'Alley unveils range of 100% plant-based life essentials

Press Release: November 25, 2020

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Natur’Alley launches 100% Plant-Based Life Essentials range.

Newly founded vegan handmade brand unveils its ever growing range of Life Essentials, providing plant-based solutions to issue the absolute best care of one's mind, body and spirit.

With products currently ranging from sectors such as beauty & skincare, bath & body to home décor & aromatherapy, this all-round brand plans to go even further. Aiming to provide 100% plant-based solutions to all of life’s daily needs, Dian Diallo, CEO of this vegan start-up had the following to say on Natur’Alley’s company mission: ‘We truly believe that every element needed to care for our bodies can and should originate from plants.’ It seems that this motto has been the driving force behind the fast expanding product range offered by the plant-based brand.

Future plans for the plant-based essentials brand include the development of a Hair Care range, and also ventures into sectors such as, food & beverage, fragrances and more. Natur’Alley strives to be more than just a simple brand, and aims to become significant player within the plant-based lifestyle market chosen by so many consumers already. With aspirations to provide its customers with plant-based solutions in all walks of life, Natur’Alley enters the market with a variety of organic and vegan products, with the promise of many more to come!


Natur’Alley, based in the UK, is an independent 100% plant-based and handcrafted life essentials brand, priding itself on its use of only natural and sustainable resources. Natur’Alley is able to guarantee that all of its products are not only vegan, eco friendly and sustainable, but are also free from: 

  • Animal Cruelty
  • Chemicals
  • Parabens

Natur’Alley Products are readily available and sold globally on a multitude of online platforms. Since it was founded, during the 2020 global pandemic, Natur’Alley has been committed to operating fairly, ethically and sustainably. Their products are safe and friendly for us, all of nature's creatures and our planet.

For more information visit www.natur-alley.com


For more information, please contact Ms Nameste Rummens on +447305917640,

or via email at [email protected]



Nameste rummens

CMO - Natur’Alley Ltd.

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For more information, please contact:

Nameste Rummens

Tel: 07305917640

Email: [email protected]

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