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Native American Rap Activist's Call For Standing Rock Solidarity

Press Release: January 30, 2017

First, I would like to send a prayer to the Standing Rock tribe and surrounding areas for the strength to fight and protect sacred land and water. With "Rise Up" I had in mind the oppression that was introduced along with the genocide and massacre of our culture and traditions to colonize Native People. Our Ancestors fought for us to be here no matter what they went through; they survived. We are still presently fighting for our rights: we will survive. The signing of President Trump's executive order to continue with the Dakota Access Pipeline project only further proves old habits die hard, and capitalism once again "Trumps" people's rights.

It is no surprise that the Executive Order would be signed to continue working on the pipeline - it was matter of changing political chairs. As my lyrics state, "Probably resort to missile if they have to we can't be to dismissive, be ready for round two And round three, man that's the system
If history's an indication, we can't trust their information
Let's be ready just in case there's some kind of cancellation
Probably after inauguration I'd expect some altercation word from government is something that I've lost my faith in."

These actions are not new to our native communities, who are still fighting for our rights (such as our fishing, hunting, and sovereignty as Native People.) It's important for all tribes to stand together to fight for treaties and sovereignty rights, because the talk of privatizing tribes is already on the table. Let's STAND TOGETHER to protect our rights as ONE. I stand with Standing Rock. WE stand with Standing Rock. RISE UP!

For every sale of "Rise Up" a portion of the proceeds will go toward support of Standing Rock.

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