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National Vehophobia Awareness Day™ #NVADAY

Press Release: August 01, 2020

Nationwide-Celebrated annually October 17 to raise awareness of motor vehicle operation safety, and of how unsafe operation may spur vehophobia-driving avoidance to safeguard being hit by careless drivers on roadways, National Vehophobia Awareness Day is founded by Advocate Greshun De Bouse-who previously loved driving-but after being hit by a utility truck and a careless uninsured driver who rendered her vehicleless, she has developed a form of vehophobia, marked by an aversion to driving.

Driving is a necessity for most individuals, especially those who reside in certain parts of the world. However, not all are safe responsible drivers, and this leaves responsible drivers with a dilemma. World Renowned Advocate Greshun De Bouse knows this dilemma firsthand as her very consistently safe driving has been met with unsafe driving of other motorists. Auto accidents caused by wreckless drivers often render the not-at-fault party with a type of driver avoidance-not because of their own driving ability, but to safeguard themselves from being hit by careless drivers. Vehophobia awareness is a must to ensure those affected can recover eventually, and those wreckless driver impeti of vehophobia are held responsible. We love and respect Advocate Greshun De Bouse for her positively amazing supernatural ability to make lemonade from lemons, and this situation is no different. Grateful for her life and legs, beautiful Advocate Greshun De Bouse put her energy into vehicle operation safety awareness, vehophobia awareness, and vehophobia recovery.  Furthermore, considering her new normal, in conjunction with #NVADAY, Advocate Greshun De Bouse has begun her #cutestgirltowalktheworldtour celebrating her traveling to and fro on foot, all while remaining poised, graceful, and beautiful.

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