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National Security Service Expands Fire Watch Guard Services

Press Release: November 14, 2016

Owing to record breaking cold temperatures throughout the United States, demand for fire watch guards has markedly increased. These guards stand in when fire retardation systems fail or are at risk of failing. Responding to this increased demand, National Security Service, a leading nationwide security services agency, has expanded its fire watch division.

In the wake of record breaking cold temperatures across the United States, many commercial and residential buildings are at increased risk of fires due to potential failure of some fire retardation systems in cold weather. This has resulted in a significant increase in demand for fire watch guards, who are called upon to stand in when fire retardation systems fail or a great risk of failing. Sensing this need, National Security Service, has highlighted its Fire Watch capabilities in its marketing programs that are aimed at property and construction managers. At the same time this leading nationwide security services provider has been increasing its staffing of Certified Fire Watch Guards and offering incentives to its regular guard staff to acquire fire watch certifications.

While most new buildings utilize dry pipe fire retardation systems, which are appropriate forcold weather, still there are many buildings with water-filled fire retardation equipment. Such water-filled systems face increased risk of failure at low temperatures. When temperatures drop, pipes that feed the sprinkling system are vulnerable to freezing and bursting, causing the system as a whole to fail. Therefore, property managers whose buildings utilize water-based systems must be prepared to take remedial action when temperatures drop. The preferred solution is to post trained and certified fire watch guards.

National Security Service offers the perfect combination of reliability, security and affordability. To obtain licensed Firewatch security guards, contact us at 888-386-4068, or get more information at http://www.guardstogo.com/fire-watch-services/. Here, you will find the right solutions for your properties as per your needs, requirements and budget.

“We always strive to provide clients with top quality security professionals with appropriate experience, behavior, appearance and physical capabilities. Our new cohort of certified fire watch guards will definitely help meet the soaring need in the market” – NSS, Program Manager

About NSS:

National Security Service is a licensed security agency offering effective, reliable and affordable security guard services in all 50 states. This security guard company covers commercial, retail, residential, institutional, governmental and entertainment venues. In order to satisfy client needs, the security agency incorporates strict adherence to professional code of conduct, state laws, and ethics. In addition, its security professionals are equipped and trained with advanced technologies to perform their tasks.

From Small businesses to large conglomerates, NSS has helped clients of every size. Some notable names include; CBS News, Verizon, Chipotle Restaurants, Applebee’s, Sun Edison, Sears, Time Warner, Texas Instruments, Boston Markets, Visiting Nurses Association, and Mexican Consulate.

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