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"National Enquirer Media Heir Paul Pope To Produce Explosive TV Series With Darryl Tombleson Of V.E.S Enriched Creations"

Press Release: March 20, 2019



"The 'National Enquirer's' Controversial Archive Files To Become A Blockbuster TV Series".
'Chris Stevens of Worldwide News Reports'

Online US Entertainment News – 20-March-2019

Los Angeles – "Magazine Heir Partners With Darryl Tombleson Of V.E.S Enriched Creations"
Paul David Pope 'National Enquirer Heir' To Produce With Tombleson, Unreleased Controversial Television, Film & Documentary Series With Australian & USA Production Company 'The V.E.S Group'.

'National Enquirer Heir' Paul David Pope has found a genuine friend and production partner in Australian CEO Darryl Tombleson of the V.E.S Group, says Pope,"Darryl and myself both have an absolute fascination with intrigue,and look forward to exposing the truth behind the mystery surrounding so many unexplained news stories over a forty year period.

"We want to shine a light on all our archived subject matter, and attack it with a sledge hammer, in terms of a powerful unadulterated presentation" says Tombleson,"the general public are sick and tired of all the crap and lies they're constantly fed in the media, I believe the term is fake news, that's about to change forever".

A soap box for entrepreneur Tombleson, Vice President of Events for the Hoboken International Film Festival, incredible teaser material to showcase in New York commented Tombleson, "astounding unreleased articles,that will create worldwide conversation and news", perfect material for a Netflix Series.

This brings me to my next question,what does no hangover alcohol, anti-ageing mineral water and movie production have in common, read on?
Pope's Grandfather & Father resurrected and ran the most successful magazine in US history, the 'National Enquirer', with a weekly circulation of 5,000,000 copies.
A billion dollar company that controlled the media, stories that changed the world as we know it today.
Anything from the JFK Presidential assassination, John Lennon's murder, Marilyn Monroe & Princess Diana's mysterious death, celebrity, corporate and government intrigue, no individual, political entity or company was exempt.
Until now, fascinating archived stories that gathered controversial dust, are about to be produced as Movie's, Documentaries, and as a Television Series by 'V.E.S Productions'.
Over 600 Journalists and Private Investigators were employed by the Enquirer to acquire documentation, photographs and video footage of the worlds most intriguing news stories.
Both Pope & Tombleson are no stranger to controversy, adversity or intrigue.
Pope who associated with the rich,famous and infamous alike.
Tombleson's roots lay in the 'school of hard knocks', a small town upbringing, where Bikies and Gang members were friends, as for Pope the Mafia were family, we're told.
Ironically both found that the 'underworld' had for the most part, more sincerity and loyalty than the corporate sector of society.

Purported legitimate business and political entities appear for the most part squeaky clean on the surface,(beneath that facade, for a number of companies exists corporate fraud, blackmail and misadventure of key personnel) with major institutions currently under the microscope, but that's another story folks,"we're both happy running our own race, without the influence of others" says the duo.

Not only will V.E.S Enriched Creations be developing the worlds most unique spirit range, but now to accompany that stiff drink, a television series that will leave you on the edge of your seat,(who said that product placement had to be boring).

On that note, stay tuned, as the media is about to receive a long awaited kick in the ass, let's now take a step back in time, as the real news takes a front seat once again, welcome to the stage, Paul David Pope and Darryl Tombleson.

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