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National Dystychiphobia Awareness Day™ #NBADAY124

Press Release: November 20, 2020

Nationwide-Celebrated annually December 4 to raise awareness of motor vehicle operation safety importance, and help affected individuals and families overcome dystychiphobia or fear of being involved in auto accidents post-accident, National Dystychiphobia Awareness Day™ or NBADAY™
is founded by Respected Researcher, Equality Advocate, and Behaviorist Greshun De Bouse.

While driving may seem essential for those who reside in certain parts of the world, an aversion to or fear of driving/riding in cars-Vehophobia and corresponding fear of accidents or Dystychiphobia may occur in persons involved in at least one auto accident-and certainly multiple accidents-in which they were not at fault.  Such persons develop a fear of accidents not because of their safe driving, but rather because of the careless driving of others.  To eliminate their concerns, these persons simply avoid driving and even riding in vehicles altogether.  National Dystychiphobia Awareness Day™ Founder, Respected Greshun De Bouse, is perfect for this holiday because like her many followers who have done this, she developed dystychiphobia after having had her consistently safe driving met with unsafe driving of other motorists.  Known for making the sweetest lemonade from any life lemon, De Bouse founded this holiday as a labor of love for her to help all understand and overcome dystychiphobia like her.  

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