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Nath Solicitors London: Costs needn't be a minefield

Press Release: February 20, 2017

IF you're facing a legal minefield and a small mortgage to fund your actions, then consider the services of Nath Solicitors as you won't be left short-changed.

With offices in London and Dulwich, the firm is offering very competitive rates for commercial legal services in London and Dulwich.

As a boutique practice, specialising in complex matters, Nath Solicitors offer competitive rates and fixed prices. And they are better priced than most central London law firms, and even those practising in Dulwich.

Their clients are consistently impressed with the pricing, the efficiency and the quality of the work they produce.Typically, Nath Solicitors offer a 30 min consultation for £75.

Nath Solicitors is a specialist boutique law firm offering businesses a one-stop shop for all their legal needs.

They understand that in business, cost and time matter; they provide cost effective services coupled with speed to provide pragmatic advice coupled with commercially viable solutions.

The corporate commercial practice is comprised of a high calibre team with over 25 years gained working with large multinationals in the City of London with smaller private companies and with entrepreneurs.

They also provide company set up services in particular for foreign investors looking to set up their businesses in London.

Nath Solicitors provide a full solution service from company formation through to helping businesses locate suitable offices and working with our partners can provide businesses with tax and accounting advice and help.

Nath Solicitors work with multinationals, directors, shareholders, investors and individual partners to facilitate a wide variety of business transactions, providing advice at each stage of the business cycle.

For those living in the capital the assumption is that solicitors don't come cheap. But at Nath Solicitors, weput the customer first!

For more information, visit www.nathsolicitors.co.uk

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