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Namllat Utilizes Technology for Lebanese Youth & Refugees

Press Release: May 30, 2019

Namllat.com a start-up owning an innovative Community Services Platform, creates a plethora of opportunities for youngsters and refugees. Knowing the fact that, it’s a cruel and difficult world to survive, and even more difficult to find suitable jobs. Regardless of the occupation, seniority, or salary level, one spends more and more of their work days, feeling slightly frazzled and wholly out of control, instead of alert and relaxed. There are regular jobs or even freelancing ones, and even then, when it is never at ease, as there is a constant pressure, expectations and deadlines to meet. Jobs are those semi-permanent work places, where you have to dedicate most of the time to your workplace, while freelancing is something that you do from home.
Students, job-seekers, and refugees in Lebanon can relax now with the sea of opportunities created by Namllat's community platform. With the advent of this technology driven platform, now there is an equal opportunity for freshers as well as experienced job seekers. Now freelancing is getting lucrative as well as easy to manage.
Whatever one may say about freelancing, regular jobs are the ones which are preferred more by the youth as it gives the assurance of a regular payment by the end of the month. After devoting time to 9-5 jobs, one can also enjoy the evening with friends and family. Whereas, it is not possible in the case of freelancing as one has to deliver the assigned project within a given time frame, leaving him or her working for weeks at a stretch. This is so different than the belief that people usually think of students favoring freelancing over the other option.
However, all of your beliefs are going to be turned into dust, when we say that there has been a development of a platform which is different than the others – it sorts of integrates the features of community job and freelancing into one. Namllat/lebanon is a job readiness and development organization focused on assisting at-risk and disadvantaged Lebanese youth. Namllat aims to work with over 10,000 youths serving nearly 1,400,000 tasks each year. Namllat is dedicated in bringing out the best and most productive in our youth, turning disadvantaged individuals into contributing community members. As an employer “Community Member”, it offers employment opportunities in the form of part time positions.
It fairly indicates that even Lebanese residents or corporate can take advantage of Namllat. It is beneficial for them, and would work in their favor in many ways. It forms a secure and trustful link between the two entities of Customers and Providers. Not only will it give extra pocket money to themor increase their sales , it will look good on their resume, portraying them as someone hardworking and someone with potential. Namllat will offer an escape to you – so what are you waiting for? Sign up on namllat/Lebanon to join!
Namllat also focuses for the welfare of the refugees hosted in Lebanon. It allows the refugees to staying at their countries or hosting communities not taking the death boats. Namllat vows to help those refugees directly or indirectly through the community services to avoid discrimination. Thus, the primary goal of namllat is to expand all over the world with dedicated services for refugees and youth with special deductions and promotions in addition to training.
Contact us on : info@namllat.com

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