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Named and Shamed, the companies hiding their sugar quantities in food. educogym Canary Wharf discuss

Press Release: October 03, 2017

Shock details have been released showing the huge amounts of sugar in 'healthy snacks' educogym Canary Wharf analyse.

Everywhere you look, there are healthy products, great for kids, ideal for lunchboxes, one of your five day, but how healthy are these snacks really? Godfrey Nurse, personal trainer in Canary Wharf educogym explains "if you haven't made it yourself you really don't know what's in it. I am a strong believer in home-made food, whatever it is that you eat, you have to make it yourself to be sure there are no secret ingredients, a typical go ahead bar may look like an ideal snack for kids, however the packets, that have 3 slices in, have 15.9 grams of sugar in, a 4 year old should have no more than 19grams a day, this means with just one small snack you have already reached your childs sugar limit for the day, however from the packet, you would think they have only had a quarter, this is a very dangerous problem leading to a huge amount of obesity in children in the UK".

So why are parents believing they are buying the healthy option, for themselves or their children? "The problem is the packaging, brands are very sneaky with the nutritional information, referring back to the Go Ahead bars, they come in packs of 3 slices, once open you can't reseal, and so most children or adults would eat all three, most assuming that the '5.3g of sugar' written on the pack counts for all three slices. It doesn't. It is for one slice, this means that children are unknowingly eating huge amounts of sugar, and parents have no idea why their children are overweight" explained Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer at educogym canary Wharf.

The UK's population is currently sitting at 25% obesity, expected to rise to 50% in the next 10-20 years. This is going to be a huge strain on health, the NHS, and the population, it will cost the country billions to help those that are ill due to their poor diet and lifestyles. "People need to be educated from an early age, as well as easy access for education to adults and parents to avoid simple mistakes. Everyone needs to be educated on the poor effects sugar can have on your body, what it does to our health, teeth and more. I am not anti-sugar, I believe children and adults can have things in moderation, but packaging is so misleading and in this day and age, people should be able to clearly read what they are eating without being seemingly tricked into thinking something is healthy" said Godfrey Nurse, personal trainer at Educogym canary Wharf.

Of course, Go Ahead bars are not the only food doing this, most packaging is divided into portion size. The problem gets worse with things where the consumer must make their own portion, unless measured with scales, a rough guess of a portion size could mean you are adding 5-10 grams of sugar to your daily allowance through things like pasta sauces or poor portion control. "The government really need to spend some money to deal with this now before it becomes a worse epidemic than it already is. People are literally dyeing from being obese, through heart problems and other weight related illnesses, a crackdown needs to happen now to save our lives, and our children's" said personal training expert Orlstyne Wilson, Educogym canary Wharf.

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