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NamanModi.com Helps Businesses to Go Digital in COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release: June 30, 2020

With many businesses at the brink of closing down, many people are now looking for other ways to make a living. The COVID-19 crisis has hit us all hard due to the overreliance of brick and mortar stores. With no money coming in since many are working from home, companies are forced to lay off workers. People are not spending as much as they did before the virus came, and this has led to a global economic crisis. To salvage what is left, ventures are now focusing on websites and e-commerce to serve their consumers better. 

Stakeholders, including employees, partners, dealers, distributors, and clients, are all affected directly or indirectly by this pandemic. Social distancing helps us curb infections but is not making things better in the business arena. Mobile apps and websites are needed to rescue brands that are about to go under. This has seen millions of websites coming up and old ones upgrading to handle new challenges brought by the virus. We are not sure how long this will go on, but we must brace ourselves to adapt to the new normal. This means building functional websites to meet the needs of every business. 

How Does NamanModi.com Help?

NamanModi.com is an industry leader when it comes to web design and digital marketing. The moment news spread about the COVID-19, we knew that this was the perfect time to offer home-based solutions to brands and companies. We started with our workers, giving them all the resources they needed to work from home. Since we had deadlines to meet, we needed to ensure no project was stopped because of the crisis. There were very few disruptions, and new orders kept coming, which we also finished in time. There was an influx of brands that needed our web design services, and this is how we helped them:

  1. Many business owners wanted to take their ventures online by building stunning and responsive websites. Since we are experts in creating e-commerce and CMS websites, this was a piece of cake for us. To spread the word about their businesses to target audiences, we also offered digital marketing. 
  2. Those who were just starting, we helped them structure their ideas based on their goals. We offered cloud-based apps, inventory management systems, and EPR. 
  3. You can count on us for a wide range of online and web products and consultancy. We help our clients maintain their websites to ensure optimum performance. If you have problems reaching your target audience, we’ll offer you effective digital marketing. 

What do our clients say after seeking our web services? 

All you have come to us looking for web design and other online services always walk away satisfied. This is what some they say about us:

“NamanModi.com has done fantastic work building and maintaining our website for the past several years. They are fast, efficient, and delivered what we asked of him every time” - Linkon Wedson

“Naman is a great guy to work with. I recommend him as a great and highly professional client to work for, especially if you are a freelancer like” - David Nelson

About NamanModi.com 

NamanModi.com is a decade-old web design and digital marketing firm that has helped to transform businesses to well-known brands. They have served done more than 500 projects across the globe, and most of their clients come from the US, UK, and Canada. For more information about the firm, visit them at http://namanmodi.com/.


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