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MyTripWays.com Launches Responsive Mobile Website

Press Release: September 10, 2015

MyTripWays.com, one of the leading comparison sites for travel and hotel accommodations, has introduced a new and interactive website that is absolutely mobile-responsive.

Travelers can now access essential information like the most reasonable hotel room rates, flight schedules, car rentals, and other travel promos through http://mytripways.com/index.php. All these details are easily available through the Android mobile operating system.

MyTripWays.com is one of the most effective ways to get inexpensive hotel rates, air fares courtesy of 600 airline companies worldwide and over 260, 000 premier hotels in 220 countries all over the world. Frequent travelers can also get the best deals and promos on exciting cruise destinations through this comparison website.

By going mobile, clients can obtain all the necessary details about their trip anytime and anywhere. These include details of arrival and departure as well as booking references; hotel check-in and check-out dates together with the type of room; and a notification of check-in schedule 24 hours before departure.

Android apps can incorporate all details of the traveler’s itinerary on a daily basis. This is a very convenient feature for tourists who go on organized tours. With the innovation from MyTripWays.com, it is now possible for vacationers to integrate places to visit, day to day activities, schedules, locations, descriptions and photos. The leisure traveler can plan his or her trip based on choices, popularity of leisure spots, opening hours of restaurants, and general itineraries.

The mobile comparison site is easy to use. It is very helpful and engaging for customers especially if they are compelled to make quick decisions regarding their travel plans. MyTripWays.com has simplified everything on the small screen so they can access all particulars 24/7. In fact, research says that 80 percent of people will prefer mobile-optimized sites for convenience and quick results. More and more people are now searching for information using mobile devices instead of the standard desktop and laptop computers.

Comparison sites such as MyTripWays.com do the hard work in terms of travel services for travelers. It is now possible to skip the long and tiring process of browsing through numerous websites just to find discounted airfare, travel insurance, hotel promos, and car rental options. It is not simply a compilation of hotel room rates but a side by side comparison of prices. Furthermore, mobile sites make it easier for the public. It can also help clients find reputable car rental sites in different countries that offer the most affordable rates.

With the mobile-responsive app, there is no need to click on many browser windows just to find the cheapest airline that will get a passenger to any country in the world. This will help tourists to check the Internet for economical flights comparing budget and full airfare globally. This is more like a tracker for bargain rates and routes.

MyTripWays.com is one of the best comparison sites for families looking for an enjoyable and yet budget holiday. Save money and time by booking at http://mytripways.com/mytripway.php. Go through the website for additional information.

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