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myThings CMO: In the app ecosystem, retailers must become service providers

Press Release: March 26, 2016

Shachar Radin Shomrat, who heads the European hub of programmatic retargeting company myThings, participated in a panel discussion at the AcquireRetainEngage conference

LONDON (March 24, 2016) – The app ecosystem is turning retailers into service providers, according to Shachar Radin Shomrat, CMO of global retargeting leader myThings. Radin Shomrat, who heads the company’s European hub from its offices in London, participated in a panel discussion on Monday (March 21) at the AcquireRetainEngage conference.

"British retailers cannot afford to fail in adapting to the digital habits and patterns of their customers," said Radin Shomrat. “They have all become service providers in the sense that they first need to keep the user subscribed – encouraging them not to uninstall their mobile application – before they can sell anything.

“The industry is currently learning the hard way just how hard this is. According to data from mobile attribution platform AppsFlyer, average retention rates for apps are less than 30% just one day after install and fall to 3% on both iOS and Android after a month. This is why retention through re-engagement and retargeting is more important than ever.”

The panel discussion, titled "Data & Analytics for Acquisition, Engagement and Re-Engagement", was moderated by Daniel Kahtan, Director of Market Development at AppsFlyer, and featured BIZZBY COO Mica Vaipan and Grabble’s Head of Growth Jack Rogers, in addition to myThings' CMO.

Founded in 2005, myThings is a global leader in web and app retargeting solutions that is currently expanding its EU hub office in London and recruiting new talent. The company specialises in customising retargeting campaigns to the largest brands in the UK - including Littlewoods, Very, Boots, Yours Clothing, French Connection and Wowcher - and global brands such as Microsoft, Walmart, Orange, Nordstrom Rack and 3Suisses.

“2016 is the 'year of the app'. Acquiring, engaging and re-engaging customers through mobile applications have never been so important,” said Radin Shomrat. “British advertisers now must realise the potential of retargeting in general and app retargeting in particular. They still struggle with the fact that users access their digital advertising through multiple devices and face challenges with issues such as cross-device attribution.”

Radin Shomrat added: “Mobile app re-engagement is still a maturing market. The app developers, who are the advertisers in this space, still focus on user acquisition rather that re-engagement, but this is starting to change. Providers are doing a better job in serving dynamic product ads on app ad inventory and in customising messages for re-engagement. Despite the challenges, advertisers are becoming savvier, which will lead to better performance.”

About myThings

Founded in 2005, myThings is a global leader in web and app retargeting solutions. The company specialises in customizing programmatic campaigns, providing data-driven solutions to the largest global brands - including Puma, Walmart, Microsoft, 3Suisses, Orange, Very and French Connection, among many others.

myThings' tailored offering was developed to meet advertisers' business goals through bespoke brand-aligned creatives, customised algorithms trained on each advertiser's data, and granular control over campaign segmentation for seamless engagement with users across marketing channels and devices.

Turning big data into incremental demand, myThings personalises over 5 billion impressions per month through its integrations with 19 leading ad-exchanges, including FBX, MoPub and Rubicon, as well as through thousands of direct media partnerships with premium publishers worldwide.

Find more at www.mythings.com or @mythingsmedia.

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